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Conan surprises James White with new truck

Tom Brady said after Super Bowl LI that James White deserved the MVP truck, and on Thursday night, Conan O'Brien made good on that.

After Tom Brady was named Super Bowl MVP for the fourth time, he said he thought his teammate James White was deserving of the honor and all that came with it -- including a trip to Disney World and a brand new truck. 

When Malcolm Butler saved the day in Super Bowl XLIX, Tom famously gave him the MVP truck, and on Monday, he said he felt the same about James.

"I think James White deserves it," Tom said at the Monday morning press conference following the Super Bowl.

With 20 points scored and 14 catches, James played the game of his life, and it didn't take long for him to enjoy at least one of those MVP perks: heading to Disney World. 

@waltdisneyworld all smiles😁

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There James enjoyed the California sunshine, rollercoasters and led the parade throughout the park before heading back to Boston for yet another parade. 

While the NFL did away with the Super Bowl MVP truck last year, James still managed to get a new ride. Enter: Conan O'Brien.

James paid a visit to "Conan" and was surprised by what followed. Conan brought up what Tom had said about his teammate, that he was the one who deserved the honor.

"That felt nice but I mean, I wouldn't get 14 catches if he wasn't throwing me the ball. He's more than well deserving of that award," James said. "He's our leader, the reason we fought back into the game."

"Brady did say, actually his quote was I think, that he would have given you the MVP truck, and this is kind of nice because Ford agreed with Brady," Conan said. "Here it is, it's all yours." 

Though Conan joked he would need to return it in 24 hours, the truck is all his. Have yourself a week, James.

Watch the whole exchange in the video below.

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