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'Cop Pool Karaoke' singer brings cheer during anthem at Gillette Stadium

Officer Kim Tavares sings the National Anthem at Gillette Stadium prior to Eagles vs. Patriots on Thursday night.
Officer Kim Tavares sings the National Anthem at Gillette Stadium prior to Eagles vs. Patriots on Thursday night.

Music filled Gillette Stadium as "O Fortuna" then "Welcome to the Jungle" blasted through the speakers. The flag runners cleared the way and the Patriots and Eagles took the field, ready to compete. Officer Kim Tavares made her way to the podium close to the Eagles sideline. As the announcer introduced her to the crowd, the cheers of support swelled and she begin the National Anthem.

"To be out there to be representing the department it really means a lot to me," Kim said.

Singing the anthem in front of a hometown crowd has been a source of excitement since she received the call from the team. Though she could, she made no plans to put any spins on the anthem and wanted to honor the song that she was asked to sing.

"I give it the respect it deserves," Kim said. "It's not my performance. It's a performance for the United States of America."

Music has been an important part of Kim for most of her life. She began her performing career when she tried out for her school's chorus with "These Are a Few of My Favorite Things" from "The Sound of Music." 

Though performing and headlining her own tour is a dream of hers, sharing music and positive messages are her ultimate goal. It doesn't matter what the composition of the music is, she wants people to focus on the lyrics of the song.

"Music is universal," she said. "No matter what music you put behind it, the words still mean the same. I believe music is love, it just brings people together."

Kim really saw people coming together when she and her partner, Stephen McNulty, released their viral "Cop Pool Karaoke" video prior to the Fourth of July. Singing "God Bless America," the two made their way around several different neighborhoods in Boston.

"We got in the car and just rode around streets in Boston and within a couple of hours, we just sung the song over and over and over and over again A Capella," Kim said.

The experience has led to people reaching out to them with words of encouragement and fans explaining how much the video brightened their day. Being able to continue to provide moments where she can brighten people's lives with her own original songs.

"You know this is what the world needs more of and I want to be a part of that," she said. "If someone wants to come [and] see Kim Tavares sing, then that's it. That's all I want." 

As the crowd cheered as she concluded her moment in the spotlight, Kim swelled with pride and knew she was ready to be back up on that podium again.

"I loved it," she said. "Definitely want to come back. Maybe just as Kim Tavares."

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