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David Andrews helps crown best breakfast in Boston on 'Good Morning America'

In a battle between two sibling chefs, New England Patriots center David Andrews had the tie-breaking vote that determined the best breakfast diner in Boston.

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Breakfast with DA on GMA?

The ABC staple show "Good Morning America" broadcasted its "United States of Breakfast" segment live from Faneuil Hall on Wednesday, and when it came to finding judges for the food competition, they knew just the man to call.

New England Patriots center David Andrews had the tie-breaking vote in a cook-off between sibling chefs Solomon and Robin Sidell.

Solomon served his pancake take on a Boston cream pie first, which David seemed pretty fond of.

"Unreal," David said, after tasking the specialty griddlecake from Boston's legendary South Street Diner. "It tastes just like a Boston cream pie. It's not too sweet though. I think the chocolate is very rich and very decadent."

Ultimately, however, Andrews voted for North Street Grille's delicious banana bourbon French toast, sending Robin to the next round of the 'Good Morning America" segment.

"Love it," Andrews said. "Fluffy French toast. I really like the bourbon -- it kind of cuts through some of the richness and creates a really nice, mild flavor."

Hopefully next time they ask David to chef something up himself. Until then, you can check out the food clip below:

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