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David Givens Press Transcript

WR DAVID GIVENS(On the hurry-up offense)“Our hurry-up offense has been working well all year and we’ve definitely been productive with it.”(on whether there will be any time on Sunday that he will try to soak in the moment)“During the game I honestly block out everything but playing the Super Bowl.


(On the hurry-up offense)
"Our hurry-up offense has been working well all year and we've definitely been productive with it."

(on whether there will be any time on Sunday that he will try to soak in the moment)
"During the game I honestly block out everything but playing the Super Bowl. I feel like I can focus on just the game then I'll be fine. That's my goal and that's what I'm going to do."

(on the aggressive nature of the Panthers' secondary)
"Their secondary is very physical. Whenever you have an aggressive secondary, it puts more pressure on the quarterbacks to know when to get the ball off. A jam can really disrupt a receiver's route. But when you have an aggressive secondary, when they jump like that, it's a gamble because if they miss, that receiver will be wide open. As a receiver, when you have a physical secondary, either you have to be physical back or you have to use your speed to your advantage. I respect the Panthers' secondary. They're physical, they're fast and I think they have a good game plan."

(on how the Panthers' secondary played in their game against the Eagles)
"They seemed to have some great jams on their receivers. With our receiving corps, we mix it up. We have different styles. We have strong guys and we have big guys. When we get out there, there is going to be opportunities to make huge plays if a guy misses a jam or if a guy tries to jam one of us and we jam them back. So personally, if someone tries to get in my face and hit me, I'm gonna hit them back."

(on how he will execute that)
"If you're focused on what you have to do I don't think it's a problem. Sometimes you're gonna get jammed. But if you can stay mentally focused to block out the last play whether bad or good, I think you'll have no problem making plays out there. The main thing is staying focused through the whole game."

(on the changes in his game physically from a year ago)
"I've learned a lot more about the game so I know when to use my strength, when to use my quickness and when to use my hands more. I've worked a lot on using my arms and hands, and I think that's the major improvement I've made as far as my physical ability on the field."

(on how he and Tom Brady have been working together)
"Tom is a guy that's worked really hard at improving himself as a player. I think Tom noticed my work ethic and I think he really respects that. I talk to Tom a little bit and let him know that I'll do whatever it takes to help the team win. I think Tom has gained a little confidence in what I was trying to do to become a better receiver. He's gained confidence in my hands, seeing that I'm catching balls a little extra every day and I'm out there every day doing whatever it takes to get better. When you're on the field, catching most of the balls the quarterback throws to you also builds confidence."

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