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Devin McCourty Conference Call Transcript


Q:Now that Aqib Talib can officially be with the team, what your thoughts are on him?

DM:You know, we look forward to it. Wednesday he'll get here and we'll get to get out there and practice and he'll be a part of the team, so it will be a big week for us. A big game versus the Colts, just to get another guy out there that you know is a good player, it will be exciting. We'll have to draw some chemistry and go out there and play well this weekend.

Q:Do you have any background with Aqib Talib or have you watched him play and have an opinion on how he plays?

DM:No, I don't know much about it. I've seen him play a bunch of times. He's a solid player. He's a very good player. I'm sure he'll be able to help us in a lot of different ways.

Q:With his acquisition and your production at the safety position, do you get the sense that the safety position is one you will play more now?

DM:You know, here, anything is kind of possible as far as guys playing different positions. Like I said after the game, I'm getting more and more comfortable at playing safety the more snaps I get. Coach [Head Coach Bill Belichick] is always telling me to be ready to play safety or corner, whatever the team needs me to do. Each week I think it could change; it could stay the same. However Coach Belichick sees that and Coach Matty P [Patricia], however they want to go about it, that's how I think we'll have to do it and go from there.

Q:After the game, Ryan Fitzpatrick said Brandon Spikes can be a 'punk' sometimes. What do you think about that?

DM:Honestly, I don't have much on that. I like to think that everyone has their own opinions. That's on him I think. The biggest thing for us is that's a division opponent; we play them twice a year each year, so for this season, we don't have to worry about playing them again. I think we just need to move forward how we move forward. To me, every player, every person, is entitled to their own opinion.

Q:Any unexpected calls after your big play yesterday? I saw you kept the ball; did you do anything special with it?

DM:No, just the usual: A bunch of my friends always text me after the games. We're kind of close, especially with my brother [Jason McCourty] and Tiquan Underwood, we all kind of talk after every game. So, nothing really big. I keep all my footballs. Hopefully someday my kids will have some fun playing with them.

Q:You will let them play with that one?

DM:They'll probably play with it behind my back anyway.

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