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Devin McCourty Conference Call Transcript

Patriots DB Devin McCourty addresses the New York media during his conference call on Tuesday, November 20, 2012.

New England Patriots fullback James Develin (46) runs for yardage in action against the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday October 5, 2014 at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro Mass. (Damian Strohmeyer AP Images)

On the Rutgers conference move...
I think it'll be pretty cool. I'm already starting to trash talk all the Big 10 guys.

On the short week...
It's been fast, I think. A lot of us are just trying to get a lot of film study in and as much rest and treatment to get your body ready to turn around and play another game on Thursday. For us, it's a lot of mental work to try and be prepared for a game without doing your normal routine. You have to change some things. I think guys are just putting in a lot of time and effort right now trying to get back healthy and trying to get the mental focus in.

On Mark Sanchez...
We just know we have to keep rushing them and be ready to play. We know at any time he's a good quarterback. He can make plays with his arm. He's a mobile guy that can get the ball down the field once he gets on the move. For us, we just prepare. He's someone we see twice a year. We just prepare and get ready to go.

On if preparing for the Wildcat has become less of a priority...
I think, defensively, what's tough about playing this offense is they do a bunch of different things. With the Wildcat packages, it's something we have to be prepared for. When you're playing one game every Sunday, it doesn't matter how things have come and gone throughout the season. With the different guys they use back there, that can turn into a big weapon for them. We just prepare for any type of package a team does. We have to be ready because if it shows up and it works, we'll see a lot of it.

On if they are preparing for the Wildcat...
We prepare for all the packages that the team does.

On if practice is different during a short week...
I think the biggest thing is the time. You just have to turn around and jump head first into everything. You don't have much time. You don't have that day off to rest and to study a lot of film on your own. A lot of us have been in here together just trying to watch film and get ready to go together more than anything.

On playing without Rob Gronkowski...
That's for the offense. On defense, we don't really think about that side of the ball. We're more focused on what we have to do and to be prepared to go for our side of the ball.

On Aqib Talib...
He's a great player. I think seeing him be able to go out there and play, he does a good job of covering receivers and being physical. He does a good job, as we saw last week, he got the ball and was able to score points for us. I think we're using him and catching him up and getting him going. I think the more he plays with us, the better we'll be as a unit.

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