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Devin McCourty talks retirement, Mac Jones & more on GMFB: 'It's hard to see myself playing in another uniform'

The 35-year-old joined twin brother Jason McCourty on NFL Network's 'Good Morning Football' as he weighs his future in football.

The McCourty Twins got to go to work together on Monday morning.

Fresh off a family vacation, Devin McCourty joined his brother Jason and the team on "Good Morning Football" on NFL Network.

"Showing this guy the ropes this morning," Jason said in a photo caption of Devin on set preparing to film. "Let's see if GMFB can handle two McCourty's instead of 1!"

The New England Patriots captain's appearance garnered a lot of interest with Devin contemplating retirement. The safety made it clear he hasn't decided yet, and that every time he thinks he's leaning one way or the other, he's reconsidered.

He did make one thing clear: after 13 seasons in New England, he can't imagine himself playing anywhere else.

"I do believe in never say never, but I find it very hard to see myself playing in another uniform," Devin said. "I just think you do some for 13 years and now you get to the back end, I never really want to be a guy that if I couldn't play at the level I want to play at, to just jump on another team just to be there along for the ride. I don't want to I don't want to do that."

The last part obviously was a playful jab at Jason, who left New England and spent his final season in the NFL with Miami. But Devin backed up his words, wearing a red "Go Pats" hoodie for the entire episode that had been cut off at the sleeves.

Here are other notes from Devin's television appearance.

-- Since his announcement to return to New England for another season, fellow captain Matthew Slater has been blowing Devin up to try and get him to do the same. Apparently, Slater has been putting the heat on him.

"I question our friendship, for one, because we were supposed to both be deciding. And he texts me and goes, 'Hey, I just talked to Bill (Belichick). I'm going back. Don't make me do this alone.' When did you decide to go back? I thought you would text me?" Devin joked about Matthew.

"Then, he goes on CBS up in New England with Steve Burton, and they're like, 'Hey, you want Devin to come back?' He goes, 'Where's the camera? … Dev, I'm back. Let's go. Come back.' So I wouldn't call it a great friendship. He's kind of putting me on the spot right here. But no, Slate's, other than Jason, that's my guy. So it's definitely cool to see him going back."

The duo have been teammates since 2010 and co-captains for the last 12 seasons. With all the jokes Devin made about Matthew's age in the locker room this season, there's a chance the special teamer gets the last laugh.

-- Whether Devin is playing football or talking about it on television next season, his support remains around Mac Jones, and the defensive captain had some comments for the critics of his quarterback.

"Any doubts, I think you're wrong," Devin said, adding that the sky is the limit for Mac.

Devin revealed that Mac has been working hard in the building at Gillette Stadium, and implied the 24-year-old will benefit immensely from more stability in the offense this year.

"What I'll say about Mac is: the Combine is sponsored by No Bull this year; Mac is "no bull," Devin said. "They know the future is Mac Jones, and I'm excited for this guy this year because now you get Billy O'Brien coming in as an offensive coordinator. Great success. Has done well everywhere he's been offensively. He gets to come in and now work with Mac.

"He's going to have stability around him. I think the team is going to get another guy to be a receiver in that offense, hopefully bring my guy Jakobi Meyers back and be a part of it."

-- Even practicing as an analyst, Devin's bias to New England still shows -- not that we're complaining.

The show set the McCourty Twins up to debate whether or not star defensive back Jalen Ramsey would make a good addition to the Detroit Lions. That prompted the perfect platform for Devin to do a little PR for the Patriots, who have also been linked to Ramsey in rumors and speculation.

"Why wouldn't he want to go to Titletown?" Devin said, straying a bit from the actual point being argued and then, addressing Ramsey directly.

"Jalen Ramsey, you might not have heard of these things, but they're called duck boats. You know what a duck boat is? Jalen Ramsay will be in New England helping that team get back to where they belong, to the Super Bowl, and then he will be on a duck boat. You know that duck boat does after you win the Super Bowl? It goes around Boston and it's called a parade. What you guys have watched over the last couple of years are not really parades."

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