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Dolphins Postgame Quotes - 9/21/2008

Miami Dolphins players comment on their 38-13 win over the New England Patriots at Gillette Stadium on Sunday, September 21, 2008.

Justin Smiley, Guard

*(On the game plan)
*We didn't really start out fast. It was a three and out on the first possession. We believed in our game plan and believed in what we were doing. We made the most of our opportunities today and that was the difference between the first two games and this game.

*(On the spread/shotgun formation)
*That's secret information. We have had that in the past, but it was the time and the place and we just executed it today. We did fine when we weren't in that formation. We made up our minds that we were going to run the football today, and that was the difference.

(On Ronnie Brown's performance)
Pro Bowl, that's all I'm saying. We want to give our running backs the best opportunity to gain positive yards, and I guarantee today, they made something out of nothing.

Jason Ferguson, Defensive Tackle

*(On the win)
*It feels good. It shows you what we can do when we put it all together and have everybody working on both sides of the ball.

(On beating the Patriots)
It means a lot. We faced those first two opponents and made a lot of mental errors and problems that we had to fix. We worked on fixing the mistakes during the week and we came out here today and decided to just lay it all out.

Jake Long, Tackle*(On Richard Seymour)
*He's a great player. He's been around the league a long time. We had some battles in there today and it felt good going against a great player like him.

*(On offensive game plan)
*I loved it. We practiced hard all week and we executed it today.

Ronnie Brown, Running Back

*(On the option offense)
*They kind of did it a little bit at Arkansas last year and Coach thought it might work.
We had some success today and hopefully its something we can build on and maybe I can throw some more touchdowns.

*(On touchdown pass)
*I'm not the best thrower in the world and I was thinking 'run, run, run,' but they did a good job of stopping the run. [Anthony] Fasano was open and I just had to pass him the ball. I'm just glad it wasn't that far

*(On the win)
*It's something to build off of. We were 0 and 2 and going into the bye week. We wanted to get some things to build on. Getting a win like this over a team of this caliber, I think it just builds momentum and hopefully will carry over.

*(On why the option was successful)
*We tried to keep them off guard and show them a different formation and get them thinking a little bit. After the first time we ran it, I could see them running around and they weren't used to it. We just tried to keep them off guard and it worked.

Ricky Williams, Running Back

*(On the success of the option)
*We tried to put it in a while ago, but the time just wasn't right. The offensive coaches came to us and said we were going to do it and everyone was excited. We thought it would work, but I don't think we thought it would work this well. It was just a wrinkle and they had a tough time figuring out what we were doing.

*(On play of Ronnie Brown)
*He really stepped up. He put us on his back and he made huge plays all game long.
He felt comfortable and I think we all liked our game plan this week.

*(On play of Chad Pennington)
*When Chad is Chad and moving the offense and being the field general, we are so much better as a team. I think to come out and hit the first pass of the game started to get us in a rhythm and it opened up the running game for us.

Yeremiah Bell, Safety

*(On the defensive intensity)
*We wanted the defense out there first, to get out there and get some confidence and start the game on the right note. They were still in the game (in the third quarter) and we had to keep playing. We didn't look at the scoreboard at halftime. We said it was 0-0. We went out and continued to play hard and stay on them. We wanted to eliminate the big play. The first two games we gave up plays we shouldn't give up. If they wanted to beat us we were going to make them beat us. We just wanted to play together, come out and play as one and it worked out the best for us.

Joey Porter, Linebacker

*(On his comments during the week and the defense)
*The big thing is we came out with a win. It's not really about me. I am happy that we went out there and did not give up a big play. I said all week if we don't give up the big play and spot somebody 14 to 17 points we have a chance to win the game. Give us a chance to fight. That is all we ask for. We had a couple different packages. We came after them a little bit. We made him make tough decisions. We got to the quarterback a little bit. For us to come out here and get this first victory against New England before our bye week is exactly what we needed for this team. We knew we were better than how we played the first two weeks. It is easy to say that but when you don't have the victories no one wants to believe it. We came out and dropped the first two games and they want to compare us by saying here comes the same old Miami Dolphins. In our hearts we knew we were a better team than that. Today we showed it.

Greg Camarillo, Wide Receiver

*(On the offensive game plan)
*The offensive coordinator and the offensive coaches put us in a position to win and then there was the execution. Ronnie (Brown) did a heck of a job back there, I don't know if he has ever played quarterback but he looked pretty good at it. I was impressed. We needed a win bad but to get a blowout win against a team like the Patriots and in a division game. It is huge for us and will lift our morale and lift our confidence especially going into a bye week. We will enjoy it for a day and then focus all our attention on San Diego.

Andre Goodman, Cornerback

*(On the game plan)
*We were trying to make a conscious effort to let them have everything short and not let them get anything deep. When you have 81 (Randy Moss) on your side, and you don't take a chance something is wrong. When you have that guy on your team, you have to take a chance, and that is more so about Randy then it is about Cassel (Matt). You don't want to start the way the first two games started, we gave up big plays on defense. You don't want to do that in a game. We needed to start fast and it helped to start fast today.

Will Allen, Cornerback

*(On the game plan and not throwing deep)
*Just for us to go there and get that kind of success, makes you really want to go out and work harder. I wish they did. (throw deep) That way, you put it out there for the next team, next week. People our going to make plays and today they didn't throw the ball deep. I think we went in there this week with our head right and we tried to correct some things. I think we did that and it showed.

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