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Draft Prospect Notes: Quarterback

The writers of Patriots Football Weekly have done their homework on all the prospects in this year's NFL Draft. Now, you can download the actual notes they took on all the top players, broken down by position for your convenience.


Pos. Rank Player School Ht. Wt. 40 Com
QB 1 Andrew Luck Stanford 6-4 234 4.73 4.67
Notes: [Andy Hart] Underrated athlete. VG accuracy, including on run. VG intermediate throws. Safe pick.. [Erik Scalavino] . Deceptively quick, elusive on the run; good decision-maker, leader; decent arm [Paul Perillo*] Great presence; Great mobility; Accurate on the run; Steps into throws; Solid in every way.

QB 2 Robert Griffin III Baylor 6-2 223 4.52 4.41
Notes: [Andy Hart] Elite, unique upside. Reminds me of young Randall Cunningham. Locks on WR at times.. [Erik Scalavino] . Amazing athleticism, but doesn't have much pocket experience; smart, effective leader; great accuracy and arm strength [Paul Perillo*] Dynamic athlete with terrific arm; Great feet while moving in pocket but could step into throws more; Tremendous skills.

QB 3 Brandon Weeden Oklahoma State 6-4 221 4.92  
Notes: [Andy Hart] Great accuracy short and intermediate. Age 28. Lobs stuff at times. Ready to win. [Erik Scalavino] . Too much shotgun; decent accuracy, but slow delivery; locks on to receivers; 28 yrs old, former Yankee farm system pitcher [Paul Perillo] Scans field well; Stands tall in pocket; Solid but unspectacular.

QB 4 Brock Osweiler Arizona State 6-7 242 4.83  
Notes: [Andy Hart] Raw. VG athlete for size. Not afraid to zip it in. Bit of a project. But elite potential. [Erik Scalavino] . Makes every throw; lots of shotgun snaps; decent avoiding the rush; still developing [Paul Perillo*] Needs more experience; Runs well for size; Steps into throws well but could improve accuracy.

QB 5 Ryan Tannehill Texas A&M 6-4 221 4.65  
Notes: [Andy Hart] VG athlete, former WR. Good touch. Throws on run. Decent deep ball. [Erik Scalavino] . Can throw from the gun, under center, or on the run; decent mobility; WR history; coming off broken foot [Paul Perillo] Shows nice touch on throws; Great athlete; Good timing on slants; Accurate.

Pos. Rank Player School Ht. Wt. 40 Com
QB   Nick Foles Arizona 6-5 243 4.96 5.14
Notes:* [Andy Hart] Great size and production. Good touch on fades. Decent pocket awareness. Flacco?. [Erik Scalavino] . Good deep ball touch; lots of gun experience, not much under center; limited mobility [Paul Perillo] Could use his legs more on throws; Shows good timing; Lacks mobility.

QB   Kirk Cousins Michigan State 6-3 214 4.80 4.93
Notes: [Andy Hart] 2X captain and leader. Scans field well. Game manager with avg. tools to work with. [Erik Scalavino] . Makes good decisions; scans the field; effective under center and from the gun; good touch; excellent leader [Paul Perillo*] Great leader; Average arm; Gets rid of ball quickly; Sees the field.

QB   Ryan Lindley San Diego State 6-4 229 4.92 4.9
Notes: [Andy Hart] Too many INTs. VG intermediate accuracy. Likes to use TE. OK Deep ball. [Erik Scalavino] No Comments. [Paul Perillo] Good size; Floats too many passes; Accurate, even on deep balls.

QB   B.J. Coleman Tenn.-Chattanooga 6-3 233 4.93  
Notes: [Andy Hart] Tennessee transfer. Too inconsistent. Nothing special. [Erik Scalavino] . Effective from center or gun; strong arm, but also has some touch; still raw, but talented; Tenn transfer [Paul Perillo] Moves well; Decent arm; More athlete than quarterback.

QB   Kellen Moore Boise State 6-0 197 4.98 4.94
Notes: [Andy Hart] Short, weak-armed lefty with great production and record. Lacking too much.. [Erik Scalavino] . Great timing, touch passer; not much of a deep arm; mostly shotgun snaps; small stature, but a winner [Paul Perillo] Too small and not big enough arm but has great intangibles/production.

QB   Russell Wilson Wisconsin 5-11 204 4.59 4.55
Notes: [Andy Hart] Great athlete and college QB, but just too short. [Erik Scalavino] . Proven winner in ACC and Big 10 (transferred from NC State after 3 years) [Paul Perillo] Another great leader who lacks the size/arm to translate to NFL.

QB   Chandler Harnish Northern Illinois 6-1 219 4.72 4.76
Notes: [Andy Hart] 4 year starter in MAC. Runs around and plays with feet. Not NFL QB. [Erik Scalavino] . Very mobile, athletic, often uses it to escape pocket early; mostly a gun QB; 4-yr starter [Paul Perillo] Small runner who lacks arm strength; good intangibles.

QB   Case Keenum Houston 6-1 208 4.94 4.82
Notes: [Andy Hart] No Comments. [Erik Scalavino] . Record-setter at U of Houston; coach's son; loves game, but like Wilson, has to overcome size doubts in NFL. [Paul Perillo] No Comments.

QB   Aaron Corp Richmond 6-4 215 4.76 4.72
Notes: [Andy Hart] No Comments. [Erik Scalavino] No Comments. [Paul Perillo] No Comments.

QB   Darron Thomas Oregon 6-3 220 4.58 4.8
Notes: [Andy Hart] No Comments. [Erik Scalavino] No Comments. [Paul Perillo*] No Comments.

QB   Austin Davis Southern Mississippi 6-1 219 4.78  
Notes: [Andy Hart] No Comments. [Erik Scalavino] No Comments. [Paul Perillo] No Comments.

QB   Patrick Witt Yale 6-3 225 4.87  
Notes: [Andy Hart] No Comments. [Erik Scalavino] No Comments. [Paul Perillo] No Comments.

QB   Bo Levi Mitchell Eastern Washington 6-1 200 4.84  
Notes: [Andy Hart] No Comments. [Erik Scalavino] No Comments. [Paul Perillo] No Comments.

QB   Jordan Jefferson LSU 6-3 223 4.64 4.65
Notes: [Andy Hart] No Comments. [Erik Scalavino] No Comments. [Paul Perillo] No Comments.

QB   Stephen Garcia South Carolina 6-2 232 4.85  
Notes: [Andy Hart] No Comments. [Erik Scalavino] No Comments. [Paul Perillo] No Comments.

QB   Jacory Harris Miami 6-3 203   4.72
Notes: [Andy Hart] No Comments. [Erik Scalavino] No Comments. [Paul Perillo] No Comments.

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