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Drew Bledsoe Post Game Press Transcript


**Q: Does the symmetry of 31-0 today seem ironic to you a little bit?

DB:** Yeah. That is ironic. I think that based on the way that the season started, you never would have guessed that that is the way that it would have ended. But they are a damn good football team right now. And we're not. We haven't been playing very well lately. I think that it is a credit to their players and a credit to their coaching staff and a credit to their organization that they were able to, through a ton of injuries this year, that they were able to continue to play well. They are playing tremendous football right now. They are going to be tough to beat.

**Q: In some way, are you almost glad [the season is] over and you can move on?

DB:** Well obviously this has been an extremely disappointing season. It is been very, very tough to take both personally and as a team. Now we can take some time and start getting headed toward next year. Hopefully we can make some adjustments with what we are doing offensively, so that we can be more productive than we were this season.

**Q: You went zero for your first seven. Why did you have such a tough time throwing it?

DB:** They came out and they were going to blitz us and try to bring one more blitzer than we had blocker. In that instance, we've got to throw the ball quickly. I've got to get it out of my hands very quickly and throw it accurately when they are doing that to our side adjustment. Early on we had trouble hooking up with some of those.

**Q: Tom [Donahue] made a statement in the locker room that the staff needed to put you in better situations. Would you agree with that statement?

DB:** Well, I think offensively the only other team that came after us as much as the Patriots did today were the Cowboys. They came after us just as effectively. When that happens, we do have to make adjustments and we have to throw the ball quickly. Then when we do that, we have to connect with the plays. In order to knock a team out of that blitzing mentality, you have to make a couple of big plays in order to scare them out of doing it. Otherwise they are going to keep doing it all day and that is really what happened today. We didn't make those big plays to scare them out of their blitz mode.

**Q: Is it doubling frustrating that the defense and special teams gave you short fields and you still couldn't cash in?

DB:** We had a couple of great returns by our special teams group who really played well today. Defensively they turned the ball over one time and gave it to us in positive territory and we couldn't get anything done there either. So yeah, those were the opportunities that we really had in the game to try to put some points on the board and we didn't get that accomplished.

**Q: How much of a nightmare has it been for you lately?

DB:** It has been surreal. It is the best way I can describe it. I couldn't imagine coming into the season, especially after the start of the season, I absolutely couldn't imagine us being in this situation. I've done everything that I could to try to get the ship righted and look for the answers. We just didn't find them. Yes, it has been a very, very, very tough season.

**Q: Will it be an easy season to forget or will it be difficult because of it's been so difficult?

DB:** They are never easy to forget, particularly immediately following the season. That stays with you for a long time. The one thing that I will say is that that can serve as great motivation through the offseason and going into next season, to try to address the problems that we have.

**Q: Do you maintain your level of confidence as a quarterback?

DB:** I do. I know that I can play the game. Obviously I will search long and hard during the offseason to try to see exactly what things I can do differently going into next season so that we don't have some of the problems that we had this year. That will be the offseason project to try to figure out on certain plays what I could have done differently and how maybe I could have rectified the situation. Standing here right now, I don't have those answers for you. But that will be an offseason project to see what we can do as an entire offense to correct the problems that we had and then I will look and see if there are things that I can do differently to try to produce more offense.

**Q: Do you think that you have the coaching that you need?

DB:** First of all, let me say this about Gregg Williams. You watch a guy that is going through a very tough situation, and we are all in a very tough situation as a team, but Gregg through the entire season has been in a difficult spot. His strength of character that he has demonstrated for this team and the leadership that Gregg demonstrated for this team has been tremendous. I have great respect for him because of that. As far as what we do on the field, the thing that I have said all year is that we have a plan going to the game, we just need to be more precise in what we do on the field. I still believe that is true. As far as could there have been help at times, we can all do better at times. That's the bottom line.

**Q: How much of an overhaul do you think this team needs in the offseason?

DB:** In the league right now, you can make a dramatic change with just a few little changes. A player here, a player there, a little tweak here and there with the system, you can make a dramatic change without having to overhaul everything. Obviously, there are going to be changes to this team coming into next year and I look forward to seeing what those will be and how we will address the problems we had this year.

**Q: Looking at the team as a whole do you think the effort was really there today?

DB:** I thought that the effort for this team has been there all year. The physical effort that guys are putting out on the field, the fight that guys show across the board has been there all year and I don't believe that that wavered all year. You look at guys that are getting hit hard coming back to the huddle and getting back in the game. You look at our defense fighting all the way to the end. I didn't see any quit in this team all year.

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