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Dwight Freeney AFC Press Transcript

Freeney: we haven't been playing our greatest, but we have been playing good enough to win games.



**Q: How close are your ties still with Bloomfield (Indiana) and is Jack going to be here?

DF:** Jack is going to be here. It's kind of funny, I am going to have like half the stadium from Bloomfield, but it's kind of fun coming back to the East Coast, New England area, so the cold doesn't really affect me. I am from here, so I am really excited to play.

**Q: How many tickets did you have to get? How many people did you have to get tickets for?

DF:** Over 40 tickets.

**Q: (Inaudible) from WFSB TV in Hartford: What has the week been like back in Bloomfield for friends of yours? Are many of them Patriots fans? Are there split loyalties?

DF:** Definitely. Because you are either a Giants fan or, for some reason, a Peyton fan, and you got Colts fans now over there. So I get a lot of phone calls, and you got some Patriots fans saying "don't hurt Brady too much, don't do too much, but have a good game." And you got other Colts fans saying "kill the Patriots," so it's kind of fun having both sides and getting all the phone calls.

**Q: Phillip B. Wilson, Indianapolis Star. The local media suggested ad nauseum that the Colts are here because the defense has been piggybacking on the offense. Do you take offense to that?

DF:** The offense has been playing really well, and defensively, we haven't been playing our greatest, but we have been playing good enough to win games. We definitely want to just correct some of the problems that need correcting, and we don't have to play our best game, we just need to play good enough to win the game.

**Q: How did you react when they said you were too small for the NFL?

DF:** I kind of just took that in stride. I get a lot of comments about too small and too weak, this that and the other. I take those kinds of things and use them in a positive way, to get me motivated when want to lay down and quit a little bit or just get tired.

**Q: Jason Cole from the Miami Herald over here. Is this plane you guys are on today comfortable? What's on it? Can you guys lay down, relax a little bit?

DF:** Oh, the plane?

**Q: Yeah. You got a lot of hours on a plane today.

DF:** It's a pretty short trip. We watched the movie "Remember the Titans." It was a comfortable, quick trip. It wasn't bad, not at all.

**PEYTON MANNING: In all honesty, just how small ?? I mean tall are you?

DF:** 6'1".

**Q: Dwight, on a more serious note, if Peyton doesn't interrupt again, how much pressure is there on this defense to play better than you did last week?

DF:** We definitely have to play better than last week. We are definitely going to say that, but I kind of put the pressure on us and I put a lot of pressure on me just to play better in general. As defense, you don't want to give up any points, so as long as we get as close to zero points.

**Q: (Inaudible) Boston Herald, can you just comment on Matt Light?

DF:** About ??

**Q: Going up against tackles on the Patriots.

DF:** Oh, we just had to basically play our best game, try to play as close to our best game as possible. We don't necessarily have to play our best game to win the game, but we are going to try to play as good as possible and try to correct some of the problems we have had in previous weeks.

**Q: Can you talk a little bit about your entrance into football? In talking to your dad, he said it was something he was against. How true are the rumors that half the reason you play football is because the football players told you you looked cute in your soccer shorts?

DF:** I wouldn't say that's true. It's just kind of what happened. You know, the soccer team wasn't too good. They shot like 40, 50 times on me. I was the goalkeeper. You are only supposed to shoot like 14 times. So the score would be really crazy, and I couldn't take it, so I had a high school coach come to me and say, "Give football a try." After that it's in the storybooks, I guess.

**Q: Did you believe Jack when he said things like, "You are a freshman in high school and you have the perfect body for the NFL"? At that point, did you believe things like that?

DF:** No, you don't see that. I was a big basketball and baseball player, and he was just trying to get me out there, and he was a good motivator at that

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