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ESPN experts' predictions

ESPN sent out a PR email last night showcasing the network’s experts’ predictions for the 2012 season that’s now officially underway after last night’s game between the Giants and Cowboys.

Logan Ryan

All of the experts, save for apparently green-blooded former Jets defensive lineman Hugh Douglas, predicts the Patriots will win the AFC East. Douglas not only has New York taking the division title, he's the only guy forecasting the Jets to go to the Super Bowl. He also chose Mark Sanchez as his NFL MVP, if you can believe it.

Nine of the experts project the Patriots to go to the Super Bowl, with Eric Allen (Patriots over Eagles) and Tedy Bruschi (Patriots over Packers) having New England take home yet another Lombardi Trophy.

Four experts tab Tom Brady as the league MVP for 2012, including Bruschi, who shows his Patriots blood. The only two non-QBs to get some MVP love are Saints tight end Jimmy Graham (Herm Edwards) and Texans running back Arian Foster (Mark Schlereth).

Also interesting that two of last year's breakout teams – the Texans and 49ers – are the only two teams to get the nod from every ESPN expert in terms of winning their respective division.

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