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From the Hart: Another lopsided trade

On the clock for what would have been their final pick of the 2012 NFL Draft, the Patriots traded down yet again. New England sent the 163rd pick back to the Packers in exchange for the 197th pick, the 224th and the 235th selections. Put simply, New England traded a fifth rounder for a sixth and two sevenths.

According to the trade value chart the deal sent Green Bay back its original pick worth 27.2 points, with the Patriots getting a total of 15.5 points back. That's a 40-plus percent trade deficit.

Looking back on last night's trade with Green Bay, New England essentially traded the 62nd pick (284 points) for picks 90, 197, 224 and 235 (total of 158.5 points). That's a 125.5-point trade deficit in the overall value of the two trades, or the value of a late third-round pick.

Clearly the Patriots simply wanted to trade down to acquire more late-round picks on the final two days of the draft. And clearly the Packers were the only team willing to trade with New England, but would only do so in deals that didn't come in anywhere near equal value.

Do you like the trades to add late-round picks, or would you have rather New England had just made the pick in the second round – even if it was Jake Bequette at the point – and called it a draft?

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