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From the Hart: Brady in MMQB

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady makes himself scarce to reporters in the offseason, when he rarely talks to anyone other than the national media. That's the case this week when he chats up Sports Illustrated's Peter King for his Monday Morning Quarterback, in part to promote No. 12's annual participation in the Best Buddies charity.


King kicks off the piece with the revelation that Brady is the last of the 90 active players remaining with either team from his first career start against the Colts back in 2001. (King notes that Reggie Wayne, who's still with Indy, was inactive that day.) Matt Light, who officially announced his retirement last week, had been in that mix as well.

And Brady, who'll turn 35 in training camp, doesn't plan changing teams or jobs anytime soon.

"My wife [Gisele Bundchen] said to me, 'When I met you [in 2006], you said you wanted to play 10 more years. How come that number never goes down?' It's that I love the game. I love the game. I'm going to play until they tell me they don't want me anymore," Brady relayed to MMQB.

Brady also said he met with Bill Belichick last Thursday, presumably in Foxborough.

"I still feel like I'm in my first year trying to prove myself," Brady said. "There's no entitlement around coach Belichick. I've got to be the best guy for him to keep playing me. When I'm not, someone else will play."

Talking about his arm strength, Brady brought up former 40-something QB Brett Favre and nearly 50-year-old pitcher Jamie Moyer as guys who could still throw at the required velocity at an advanced age.

The Best Buddies fund raising weekend includes a June 1 touch football game that includes Brady and a number of teammates at Harvard. Then there is the June 2 100-mile bike ride.

"For as long as I'm here in Boston, and beyond, I'll spread the message," Brady told MMQB.

For more information on Best Buddies and the Brady-hosted June fundraising weekend, go to ****

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