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From the Hart: Green achers!

The NFL invited 26 guys to be in New York City for last night’s first-round of the 2012 Draft. When all 32 selections were made, 20 of those guys had new hats to wear showcasing their new teams.


But six guys went to bed last night without an NFL home and wondering when or where they might get drafted. The cameras weren't on them, and they don't play quarterback, so it wasn't quite as dramatic as the examples of Aaron Rodgers or Brady Quinn. But it still must have been tough for those guys to take. That list of guys left in the green room when NFLN and ESPN signed off last night included Stanford TE Coby Fleener, Georgia OL Cordy Glenn, Georgia Tech WR Stephen Hill, LSU WR Rueben Randle, Penn State DT Devon Still and Alabama LB Courtney Upshaw.

Most of them will hear their names called early in tonight's second round, which kicks off at 7 p.m., but will any get the call from the Patriots at either 48 or 62 overall?

The most likely of the remaining green room guys who might fit in New England are Randle or Upshaw. But considering that the team already took a pair of defensive front players, including one from Nick Saban's defense, it's less likely that Upshaw is a fit. Randle might be an interesting pass catching target.

And if the value just becomes too great for a guy like Glenn – who has great experience and could play either guard or tackle – then Bill Belichick might jump at it even if it's not the most pressing need.

I think it's unlikely that Fleener, the raw Hill or Still would be guys that would interest New England.

Who do you think the Patriots should target in the second round? Do you think they will continue the trend and make a trade with the second-round picks? Let us know with a comment below!

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