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From the Hart: Ocho acknowledges restructuring?

Making too much of what we read on Twitter can admittedly get us in trouble. Brandon Spikes has taught us that, if nothing else. But hey, it's the offseason and free agency hasn't even started yet.

Brandon Bolden

So, following up on today's earlier report in the Sports Business Journal that Patriots wide receiver Chad Ochocinco has been asked by the team to restructure his contract, the man himself tweeted this afternoon about that very topic.

Ochocinco was asked by someone with the handle @thuslsam "how's the restructuring contact going?"

I can only assume this question is about the former Pro Bowl wide receiver's contract, which he re-did when he joined the Patriots via trade last summer. It calls for him to have a salary of $3 million in both 2012 and 2013. That's a lot for a guy who caught 15 passes and one touchdown in a bit role on one of the NFL's best offenses last fall.

Anyway, @ochocinco responded to the question, "Restructuring is fine, the fun part is finding ways to make it back up during the offseason."

Based on that it sounds like No. 85 is open to or has already accepted a pay cut. And, as has been his standard operating procedure in the past, he may go about earning the money back through offseason marketing opportunities.

Or, I'm reading too much into a Tweet.

Hey, it's the offseason!

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