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From the Hart: PFW Power Rankings

Patriots Football Weekly has created a weekly Power Ranking based on the proprietary Wilson-Hart Power Index. The system uses the most important statistics in the game — those most closely associated to winning and losing — to rank all 32 NFL teams based on their performance to date this season.


At the quarter pole of the 2012 season – with most team's having four games of action under their belts – it's time to unveil the first edition this year of the Wilson-Hart Power Index!

There aren't too many surprises in the seasonal debut, as the NFL's three undefeated teams all rank in the top-5. Houston, which was atop the Wilson Hart-Power Index for much of last season, debuts in the same spot in 2012 thanks to their first 4-0 start in team history.

The upstart undefeated Atlanta Falcons have the No. 2 slot. But it's the one-loss Ravens and 49ers who are tied in the No. 3 position with a bit of a drop-off from the clear top two teams. New England fans can take solace in the fact that the Patriots are the top-ranked two-loss team, coming in at No. 7 overall four games into the year.

Things are a little more interesting on the bottom of the Index. The two winless teams at this point – the Saint and Browns – rank 25th and 28th, respectively. Rather, Scott Pioli's downtrodden Kansas City Chiefs find themselves in the Wilson-Hart basement. Be sure to check back next Tuesday to see how the Wilson-Hart Power Index gets shaken up by a weekend of games in what could be one of the more competitive (or mediocre) NFL seasons in some time!

This WeeksRank2011 FinalRankTeamCurrent RecordWilson-Hart Power Index
13Houston Texans4-0-02.500
27Atlanta Falcons4-0-03.167
35Baltimore Ravens3-1-07.667
31San Francisco 49ers3-1-07.667
524Arizona Cardinals4-0-08.167
615Chicago Bears3-1-08.333
74New England Patriots2-2-09.500
819San Diego Chargers3-1-09.667
928Minnesota Vikings3-1-010.833
1010New York Giants2-2-011.333
1128Washington Redskins2-2-012.333
1227Denver Broncos2-2-013.833
122Green Bay Packers2-2-013.833
1430St. Louis Rams2-2-014.667
1515Cincinnati Bengals3-1-014.833
1511Seattle Seahawks2-2-014.833
179Pittsburgh Steelers1-2-016.000
1817Philadelphia Eagles3-1-017.000
1926Buffalo Bills2-2-017.500
2031Tampa Bay Buccaneers1-3-018.000
2114New York Jets2-2-019.333
2218Miami Dolphins1-3-020.500
2325Jacksonville Jaguars1-3-021.000
246Detroit Lions1-3-021.167
257New Orleans Saints0-4-022.000
2612Dallas Cowboys2-2-022.167
2721Carolina Panthers1-3-022.500
2822Cleveland Browns0-4-023.667
2932Indianapolis Colts1-2-024.000
2920Oakland Raiders1-3-024.000
3113Tennessee Titans1-3-026.167
3223Kansas City Chiefs1-3-027.333

What do you think of this week's Rankings? Let us know with a comment below!

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