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From the Hart: Quotes to note

Jerod Mayo: "This one stings. We'll remember this for a long time."

Deion Branch: "We made more mistakes than they did. Regardless of the plays they made."

Branch on Gronkowski: "75 percent of players wouldn't have played today. I truly appreciate that guy."

BenJarvus Green-Ellis on Gronkowski's injury: "We don't make excuses. We didn't win the game today. That's it."

Danny Woodhead: "It's as tough a loss as I think I've ever had. It's a tough pill to swallow."

Wes Welker on his drop: "It's a play I never drop, I always make."

Welker on whether he would have scored had the throw been perfect: "It doesn't matter now."

Welker: "It's right there. It hits me in the hands. It's one I'll have to live with."

Devin McCourty: "Two good football teams went at it and they won the game."

Brian Waters on whether it was a successful season: "No."

Waters: "We realize we are a better football team than you saw out there today."

Logan Mankins: "I've lost a lot of game in my career, but nothing hurts like losing the Super Bowl."

Mankins on losing to the Giants again in the Super Bowl: "I don't care about that. Whoever we lost to, I'd be upset right now."

Mankins on Welker feeling like the loss was his fault: "We know it's not Wes' fault. Too bad he feels that way right now. I'm sure he'll realize it's not."

Mankins: "We win as a team, we lose as a team."

Tom Brady: "It always comes down to one or two plays. You make it and you are celebrating. You don't and you don't sleep for a week."

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