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Gamebook from Giants Stadium

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TWO-POINT CONVERSION ATTEMPT. 37-A.Warren rushes right end. ATTEMPT SUCCEEDS.NE 16 NYG 22, 1 plays, 30 yards, 0:11 drive, 10:38 elapsed9-O.Pochman kicks 66 yards from NYG 30 to NE 4. 21-J.Redmond to NE 39 for 35 yards (15-D.Dorris).New England Patriots at 4:22, (1st play from scrimmage 4:15)1-10-NE 39(4:15) (Shotgun) 6-R.Davey pass to 17-T.Taylor to NYG 42 for 19 yards (39-R.Clark).P141-10-NYG 42(3:39) (Shotgun) 6-R.Davey up the middle pushed ob at NYG 31 for 11 yards (51-W.Mallard). Back to pass, rushes.R15PENALTY on NYG-73-B.Harris, Unnecessary Roughness, 15 yards, enforced at NYG 31.X161-10-NYG 16(3:29) 21-J.Redmond up the middle to NYG 14 for 2 yards (73-B.Harris, 51-W.Mallard).2-8-NYG 14(2:49) 26-W.Williams right end to NYG 14 for no gain (54-N.Greisen).PENALTY on NE-64-G.Robinson-Randall, Illegal Formation, 5 yards, enforced at NYG 14 - No Play.2-13-NYG 19(2:30) 26-W.Williams up the middle to NYG 20 for -1 yards (94-D.Johnson).3-14-NYG 20(2:02) 6-R.Davey pass incomplete to 17-T.Taylor (39-R.Clark).Two-Minute Warning4-14-NYG 20(1:57) 4-A.Vinatieri 38 yard field goal is GOOD, Center-66-L.Paxton, Holder-13-K.Walter.NE 19 NYG 22, 6 plays, 41 yards, 1 penalty, 2:29 drive, 13:07 elapsed8-T.Umholtz kicks 55 yards from NE 30 to NYG 15. 37-A.Warren to NYG 27 for 12 yards (43-S.Dragos).New York Giants at 1:53, (1st play from scrimmage 1:48)1-10-NYG 27(1:48) 37-A.Warren right guard to NYG 28 for 1 yard (71-R.Parker, 30-J.Cherry).Timeout #1 by NE at 01:43.2-9-NYG 28(1:43) 37-A.Warren left end to NYG 32 for 4 yards (58-M.Chatham).Timeout #2 by NE at 01:37.3-5-NYG 32(1:37) 37-A.Warren right end to NYG 30 for -2 yards (58-M.Chatham).Timeout #3 by NE at 01:30.4-7-NYG 30(1:30) 18-G.Lindstrom punts 33 yards to NE 37, Center-44-J.Littleton, fair catch by 33-K.Faulk.PENALTY on NE-58-M.Chatham, Roughing the Kicker, 15 yards, enforced at NYG 30 - No Play.X191-10-NYG 45(1:24) 17-J.Garrett to NYG 44 for -1 yards.2-11-NYG 44(:42) 17-J.Garrett to NYG 43 for -1 yards.

ScoreTimeFirst DownsEfficiences
Quarter SummaryPossRPXT3Down4Down
New England Patriots196:4722151/30/0
New York Giants228:1323162/40/0

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