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Get to know new Patriot Adrian Clayborn

Patriots Nation, meet one of the newest Patriots: Adrian Clayborn.

It's that time of year where new faces come to New England, ready to make an impact on the Patriots squad during the upcoming season. This weekend the Patriots added defensive end Adrian Clayborn to the roster, and while stats are easy to find, Patriots Lifestyle wants to take it one step further. 

We're helping you get to know Adrian off the field. Pats Nation, please give a warm welcome to Adrian and check out some quick facts about one of the newest guys in the locker room. 

He was born with Erb's palsy.
During birth, Adrian suffered nerve damage that led to his diagnosis of Erb's palsy. While there are varying degrees of Erb's palsy, for Adrian, it means that he has strength and mobility limitations in his right arm. With the help of physical therapy, he was able to strengthen his arm, though it is still something he deals with during training. 

He knows his way around a gif.
One look at his Twitter page and you can tell Adrian knows how to wield the weapon of gif. It's truly an art, and Adrian has proved he is a master.

Adrian knows the value of giving back.
Last year, Adrian brought men from Atlanta Mission, an organization dedicated to ending homelessness, out to dinner and on a shopping spree, where they bought toys for their kids around the holidays. During his time at Iowa, Adrian grew close to a couple, Cindy and Jim Heims, who supported the Hawkeyes. When Cindy was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer his rookie year, Adrian organized a benefit to help pay for her medical expense.

He is a newlywed.
Adrian and his wife Shannon were married last summer and spent their honeymoon in Greece. 


A post shared by Adrian Clayborn (@ajaclay99) on

My love! We did it @shannonholst

A post shared by Adrian Clayborn (@ajaclay99) on

And they are proud puppy parents.
Adrian and Shannon have two dogs, and they are adorable. Adrian isn't shy about posting funny pictures of them on his Instagram account and with pretty hilarious captions to boot. 

I pooped in the house so I️m just going to sit over here face. 😡🐶

A post shared by Adrian Clayborn (@ajaclay99) on

Bros! Just hanging out watching tv together

A post shared by Adrian Clayborn (@ajaclay99) on

When he's not playing football, Adrian has another sport on lock.

Off the football field, Adrian loves golf. Whether he's posting pictures of him teeing off during the offseason or tweeting about the disrespect of Tiger Woods, he's proved he's committed to the game. Here's to Adrian hitting the links in New England soon enough. 

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