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Get to know new Patriots receiver Marqise Lee

The Patriots reportedly signed Marqise Lee before the draft. 

Before the 2020 NFL Draft came and went, the Patriots reportedly signed a new wide receiver. Marqise Lee joins the Patriots after spending the entirety of his career in Jacksonville, so let's get to know the new Patriot.

Lee is a wide receiver, but it turns out he's got a solid throwing arm, as well. In 2016, Lee completed a 30-yard pass to the then Jaguars quarterback Blake Bortles. The trick play came against the Titans, and Lee became the first player to have three or more receiving touchdowns, a kick-return touchdown and passing touchdown in a season in more than 40 years.

After that game, Lee was all smiles doing interview with media.

"No nerves. My thing is I knew what I had to do. It's either he's going to be open to throw it or throw it away," Lee said. "I was quick and ready to throw it away. I promise you … It was a good throw. I ain't going to lie about that."

In a show on the Jaguars social media, Lee showed off a bit of his personality, including his tendency of being optimistic.

"I'm big on just staying positive regardless of the situation I'm in," he said.

He also revealed a skill of his: American sign language. Both of his biological parents are deaf, and so Lee is able communicate in ASL. On the show, he spelled out "We're going to win."

If you follow Lee on Twitter, it doesn't take long to realize he is not a one-man show. He is all about shining the light on those who support him. His handle, TeamLee1, is a nod to who he considers his family, his team, and according to a story in the LA Times from 2012, it's quite a lot of people.

The story follows along Lee's Christmas Day and all of the homes he swings by to celebrate, including the home of former foster parents, the parents who informally adopted him in high school, as well as his biological mother.

Though he has had his share of difficult times, especially growing up, Lee is dedicated to giving back and being a role model for kids who were like him. In the Players' Tribune's Hometown Hero series, Lee spent the day with kids in his native L.A., and he said that he chose the University of California to be close to his sister.

"For me to make my decision to go to college, I feel like it was selfish of me to make the decision on my own because there's no way that if something happened that you're telling me I can't get back to my sister," Lee said. "If I was going to leave, I had to realize what I was really doing."

Luckily, things at USC turned out well for Lee, and after spending his entire NFL career in Jacksonville, Foxborough is up next.

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