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Goodwin on track


INDIANAPOLIS - The Combine is littered with confident players who aren't afraid to make boastful predictions. No position is stocked with more such individuals than wide receiver.

The so-called divas of football were on display on Friday and Texas blazer Marquise Goodwin was the first to make a bold statement. All he's looking to do is run the fastest 40-yard dash in Combine history, oh, and also turn in the best broad jump the event has seen as well. He had both figures at the ready when asked about the numbers he's looking to break.

The latter may not be such a stretch considering his Olympic credentials in the long jump. He was a member of the U.S. Olympic team in London but returned home after a disappointing performance, failing to qualify for the second round. But "failure" at that level is relative and Goodwin is hoping to show teams he's more than just a world-class athlete and not a just track guy playing football.

"Track guys aren't known for being able to catch," Goodwin said. "They're not known for their toughness. I got our team MVP one game for blocking and I don't think I even had a catch."

Goodwin's Olympic experiences also brought him in contact with Patriots speedster Jeff Demps. He said the two were friends and talked about the transition from the track to the NFL. Goodwin also talked about another member of the Patriots - a receiver the 5-9, 179-pounder has watched closely over the years.

"Especially a Wes Welker-type guy," Goodwin answered when asked about players he molds his game after. "He's really quick, gets in and out of his routes, he beats guys, he's not the fastest, but he looks fast on film. He looks fast watching him on TV. I definitely can borrow some things from him. He's been pretty successful. I can definitely learn a lot from him."

As for who is faster between he and his Olympic buddy Demps?

"I don't know. It depends on what day it is," Goodwin said. "It depends on what race it is. On a piece of paper, he's faster than I am."

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