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Gregg Williams Post Game Press Transcript

Williams: Long season. I’m disappointed that it hasn’t ended in the way that we would have liked it to.

**Q: Can you comment on how you're feeling right now – are you disappointed, tired, frustrated?

GW:** A mixture of all that. Long season. I'm disappointed that it hasn't ended in the way that we would have liked it to. Tough loss today.

**Q: Do you have a Ruben [Brown] update? Is he AWOL?

GW:** No, no update. Just personal reasons. I am not going to say more than what has already been said. He was at practice on Wednesday, just not here for personal reasons. Today. Let's talk about today.

**Q: Can you comment on the game today?

GW:** Hey, we've all got to get better – from the staff to the players and playmakers. We'll tear the whole season down, we really will. We'll start that next week. Today none of us at any phase were good enough. The first half we didn't keep it close enough to play a second half of football. There were some good things that happened in the second half, but we didn't keep it close enough.

**Q: Can you comment on your possible termination?

GW:** No, no. That is not my decision to make. We'll cross that next week. We'll cross that next week.

**Q: Do you, or why do you deserve to be back next season?

GW:** No comment. Wait until next week.

**Q: Can you comment on the play today?

GW:** I think that's a pretty good playoff team with a lot of things. We didn't make some plays and saves in the first half. They were able to make some plays unfortunately a couple of critical touchdowns on third downs when you can force the field goal or get off the field on third downs. That was a huge issue in the first half, on both sides of the ball. But really defensively, where we have been able to get off [the field] and turn people away down in the red zone. We didn't. But really they made some nice plays and obviously we did not in the first half.

**Q: Was no huddle an issue?

GW:** Yeah, we were forced out, but we had talked about that. We knew that is what that they had done in the first game, where they had some success with that in the first game. Coming into the ballgame we had discussed those things. No, they made plays. They got out in the open and forced us to not be physical in the box. That was their plan and obviously it was well done. They did good job with that. They made some good plays and kept drives going with third downs, some very close third downs, that they achieved.

**Q: Was special teams, offense, or defense an issue?

GW:** It's a whole team game where even if the defense does struggle and the do have a chance to get off the field and we didn't. We had some momentum plays, the turnover, but weren't able to put points on the board, the kickoff return, we weren't able to put points on the board. We have to be able to get a little life finding some way to put the points there and we weren't able to do that. We let the game get away from us in the first half.

**Q: What do you think about the 31-0 score? Do you think that was their goal?

GW:** I don't think so. You'd have to ask them about that. In the NFL you have to play hard every single snap. I wouldn't look at it that way. No. Not me personally.

**Q: Can you comment on the Patriots season?

GW:** They have been able to protect the football and really have some big plays. They've been able to produce some big plays throughout the course of the season, from about mid-season on they found big plays in every area. They were able to get some returns in special teams, able to score some on the defensive side of the ball, and able to get the ball down the field with some of their shots down the field and other play options. As we tried to limit most of those shots down the field they executed very well and kept chains going. They piled plays up and gave themselves a chance to make plays down the red zone. They did a good job of that.

**Q: Do you find the 31-0 score ironic?

GW:** Yes, it is ironic - you could say that. I don't think you could say that the team planned it. It's ironic its how the season started and how it ended.

**Q: Are you disappointed with your finishing record?

GW:** Yes, obviously a huge part of where we are at the end of the year, a 6 and 10 team. You got to score more points than that and we didn't. We squandered some point scoring opportunities. So obviously it's the end of the day.

**Q: Can you tell us what your sideline conversation with Sammie Adams was about?

GW:** He is a prideful player, he plays so hard. Obviously he wanted to play more, do more, do whatever he could to help the team. We wanted to rotate in as many players as we could, especially when the score gets out of whack, I want to see some of the other young guys play. They've had a long season and they deserve the right to play too. He was playing hard, he really was in the ballgame and played hard.

**Q: Can you comment on the Drew [Bledsoe] situation?

GW:** Well you know, its tough, and we weren't able to make a few plays for him. And a couple of the pressure situations he got pressured early, was hit early on a protection bust and turned the ball over and we didn't keep that drive for point position, I think they were able to score off that drive. Early in the ballgame we didn't make plays for him. And that's the way the season has gone That's where we've probably been the most remiss for the season, that's probably why we're at 6-10, no big plays.

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