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Gronk, Chris Hogan among 50 fittest pro athletes

Rob Gronkowski and Chris Hogan made the "Sports Illustrated" list.

For professional athletes, being in peak physical condition is a job, and in any field, there are some whose hard work and natural ability allow them to soar. "Sports Illustrated" put together a panel of trainers, strength and conditioning coaches, performance experts and professional coaches and released lists of the fittest 50 male and female athletes in professional sports.

With drive and intensity, it's no surprise that both Rob Gronkowski and Chris Hogan made the cut.

Because Gronk "is near impossible to stop on the football field thanks to his intense workouts and commitment to fitness," the tight end earned a nod as the 46th fittest male athlete, according to the expert panel.

Just a few spots ahead, Chris was listed at 38 for his off-the-field work. 

According to the article, "the former lacrosse standout and New Jersey native is training to be one of the league's top (and fittest) wide receivers. His high-intensity workouts hone balance, agility and explosiveness through exercises such as sprints and sled pushes."

While athletes from different fields were represented – everything from rock climbing to track and field – many were NFL players. The other football stars included on the fittest men list are Russell Wilson, Odell Beckham Jr., Cam Newton, Dez Bryant, Vernon Davis, Marquise Goodwin, Kam Chancellor and JJ Watt. 

As if defenders needed another reason to dread being in Chris or Gronk's path this season. 

Check out the full list of the fittest men and women here

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