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Gronk dances, laughs and 'proposes' in Crashletes premiere

Rob Gronkowski makes his television hosting debut.

Brandon Broady, Rob Gronkowski and Stevie Nelson on the set of Crashletes.Photo from Nickelodeon's Crashletes 

Gronk's debut as a TV host sure was an eventful one. He laughed, danced and proposed to a co-host, all while providing golden one-liners and commentary on hilarious sport fails.

His Nickelodeon clip show Crashletes premiered online this week ahead of its July 5 television debut, and it is the perfect mix of laughable athletic attempts and Gronkiness. 

The pilot broke clips down into different categories, like Track and Fail, New Sports and Crash Report. Gronk even has his own segment called The Gronkdown. This episode's Gronkdown highlighted a top five list of Catletes, including a basketball playing feline named Steph Furry and a hockey goalie named Peaches. 

Alongside co-hosts Brandon Broady and Stevie Nelson, the episode kept Gronk on his toes, from practicing something called "blade dancing" to turning the tables on the tight end. A video of Gronk getting hit in a game of Ice Dodgeball (aka dodgeball on an ice skating rink) with his family was revealed. Before the video played, Gronk said he "did a lot of stupid stuff that day," so he wasn't even sure what the clip was, but he soon realized he was about to get pelted.

"The guy that hit me with the ball is my mom's neighbor, and he's not going to let me live this down," Gronk said. 

And while Brandon and Stevie sold him out with the embarrassing clip, Gronk also willingly offered up some of his own, uh, interesting tidbits, like the struggles of bowling as 6'6" football player.

"When I stuck my hand in a bowling ball once, it was too small. I couldn't get my fingers out," he said.

File that one under #GronkProblems.  

Catch the first episode of Crashletes online here or look for it on Nickelodeon July 5 at 7 p.m.

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