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Gronk is an expert WWE hype man

Gronk has been out and about helping get his buddy Mojo Rawley pumped up for WrestleMania

You better believe @gronk was HYPED to at #SDLive this week!

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Last summer, Gronk was the winner of an ESPN poll asking what NFL player could have a career in the WWE, and this week, Gronk doubled down on that image. 

While Mojo Rawley hit the ring at Mohegan Sun for WWE SmackDown Live, Gronk and his friends were in the crowd, hyped up and ready to watch their friend. To say the least, the guys were excited to be ringside. 

Gronk and Mojo are close friends and are vocal in their support for one another's career in the spotlight. That apparently includes training, too.

As Mojo gets ready for his appearance at WrestleMania, Gronk showed how he lends a hand in a video posted to Instagram. The two are firing each other up, jumping around, yelling and Gronk even slaps Mojo to show his friend is ready for anything. 

Nothing gets you pumped up for the big show quite like a Super Bowl champion in your face. Gronk is an expert hype man for his friend, and once his football days are done, it looks like he might have some friendly faces urging him to the WWE. 


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