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Gronk, Jimmy Kimmel talk Madden, GQ and ghosts? Yes, ghosts

Gronk stopped by "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" to talk about "GQ," Madden and, of course, ghosts.

Rob Gronkowski has had himself a week. After it was announced he had landed the covers of both the June issue of "GQ" and the Madden '17, Gronk went on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" to talk about the honors, football and the supernatural.

Jimmy, who called Gronk "a human victory parade who leaves a wake of fun-loving destruction in his path," congratulated the tight end on both covers and pressed for the details.

Was Gronk wearing his birthday suit during the "GQ" shoot?

"No, no I'm not. I had the speedo on. It was so uncomfortable man," Gronk said.

Is he worried about "the Madden Curse?"

"Not at all. If I [was], I wouldn't have accepted the cover," he countered.

But does he believe in ghosts? You bet. 

"When you're home alone, it gets scary. I don't like being home alone," Gronk said. 

"You get scared? Really? Because if I was a ghost I would get the hell out of your house," Jimmy said.

Gronk stuck to his guns, though, saying the hotel he stayed in last night was haunted, complete with a "Tower of Terror" elevator. Though Gronk said he had trouble sleeping because of the hotel's ghoulish nature, he was still in great form for the show.  

The last time he joined Kimmel was on the heels of Super Bowl XLIX, and the host said he's been "living vicariously through" Gronk since then.

Aren't we all, Jimmy.

Catch part of the interview in the video below. 

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