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Gronk pelts James Corden with footballs

Gronk made an appearance on the Late Late Show with James Corden last night.

It is not necessarily polite to pelt one's host with footballs. But when the host is James Corden and the guest is Rob Gronkowski, rules of these kind fly out into oblivion.

Gronk made a stop at the Late Late Show, alongside actors Liev Schreiber and Luke Wilson, and in addition to an interview, the guests were treated to a round of Target Practice.

With James suspended on a spinning wheel and Gronk, Liev and Luke armed with a basket of footballs, they were instructed to fire relentlessly. The goal was throw the football through holes on the circle, and James quickly realized he made a mistake.

"This was such a fun idea like two days ago," he said, locked onto the wheel and sporting an 87 jersey. "I was like, 'Oh, yeah that'll be really good fun.' Now I'm just looking at Gronk, and I'm like what are you thinking?"

Gronk's game face was on, and he taunted James with a fake throw before the game began.

"Don't even think about it because I will knock you out, you know I will," James said.

Though Gronk lost Target Practice to Liev, he managed to score 10 points and hit James a few times, as well. 

We feel for you, James. No one wants to be on the other end of a Gronk throw. It's safe to say next time Gronk swings by the Late Late Show, James won't make the same mistake twice.

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