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Hobbs says he's day-to-day, already had surgery

“The situation, I feel like, is day-to-day,” said Ellis Hobbs about his broken wrist. “I ain’t going to say it again.

Cornerback Ellis Hobbs spoke about his wrist injury Wednesday, confirming that he does have a broken scaphoid bone in his wrist – the same injury that sidelined Tedy Bruschi for seven weeks earlier this season. Bruschi underwent surgery 10 days after he sustained the injury and was able to return for the Patriots second game.

It seems Hobbs went under the knife a week ago, only three days after being hurt.

"We found out, got the diagnostics on it and tried to get in as fast as possible. We got it taken care of last Wednesday. We're back, trying to go," said Hobbs this Wednesday.

Hobbs wasn't at practice last week, and was the only player who missed practice today, but he said, "I plan on doing whatever I can do. Just practicing so far, then rehabbing. Whatever it is, we're moving forward and trying to improve with it."

Asked how much pain it's been causing him, Hobbs replied, "It's a surgery, man, everything's pain. It's a matter of 'How well can I tolerate it?' Everybody's different. I won't find out until I get on the field and do what I can do."

A few weeks ago, Bruschi admitted he didn't know how his injury happened, because it didn't start hurting right away.

"Yeah, I remember how I hurt it," said Hobbs. "It was in the first quarter (of the Denver game). I just was running across the field and slammed it into somebody's shoulder pads. I didn't really feel it at first, but knew something had happened. The more I talked about it and the more I thought about it, the more it hurt. So I tried to put it out of my mind until the end of the game and then after the game it hurt pretty bad."

Hobbs seemed eager to get out on the field and praised the players who filled in for him while he was inactive against Cincinnati. He spoke about the Patriots bye week, which comes after this week's matchup against Miami.

"It's a blessing (to have a bye week after Miami), but it's one of those things where it's only a blessing if I take advantage of it. I'm not thinking like that. I'm thinking day-to-day, and what ever happens, we go on from there. Then when that bye week comes – I think everybody wants that bye week here to get ready for the rest of the season."

He only had a small bandage on his hand Wednesday, but was asked if he thought he could play with a cast on his hand. Hobbs answered, "I don't want to get into all that. I know that if it has enough strength in it, regardless of what it's in or if it's not in anything, we're gonna go. Regardless."

Hobbs was asked if he's spoken to doctors about the risks involved with playing before the injury is fully healed.

"They don't have to tell me that. I know that," said Hobbs. "There's a risk involved with everything. There's a risk of me getting out of my car today and falling on my face. I don't think about those things. All I think about is getting back out there and helping my team win. If I can do that and not be a handicap to those guys out there, then I'm doing my job."

He said he has spoken with Bruschi a little about the nature of the injury, but is trying to remain positive about it.

"Everybody's different as far as recovery wise and things like that. I kind of asked [Bruschi], 'How do you feel when you play with it? How do you feel about it?,' but I try to stay away from that and just focus on me being ready, because I am my own person. Positive thinking for me – I take a lot of pride in that. I do believe how positive you do think about the situation, the faster you do heal."

He demonstrated his positive outlook, saying he was thankful he didn't hurt his legs.

"Not my legs. I need them. I do a lot of running, so I can have a little less advantage up top than I have on the bottom. I need my knees and need my ankles. I thank Jesus every day that it wasn't my legs, because obviously, we saw with Rodney [Harrison] last year what he had. We're very proud of the fact that he did a lot of work in the offseason. I'm glad that I'll have a chance and an opportunity to play now still," Hobbs said.

He said it was tough missing the Cincinnati game, admitting he hasn't missed a game in quite some time.

"It's been a long time, man, even through college. I've only had one year in the league, but to miss that game, it hurt a lot. I had a couple tears, here and there – in my own room. Not in front of everyone. It's just one of those growing spots. It humbles you a lot and makes you appreciate the game even more. The way I play the game, a lot of people come off making it seem like I'm being cocky, things like that. But I just appreciate the game that much, because I know you're always one play away. Obviously, I was shown that. I'm very appreciative."

"The situation, I feel like, is day-to-day," he said in closing. "I ain't going to say it again. If I can play, I can play. If I can't, I can't."

Maroney dominated, now nominatedAfter carrying 15 times for 125 yards and two touchdowns against the Bengals, rookie running back Laurence Maroney has been nominated for honors in two different categories this week.

Maroney is a finalist for the FedEx Ground NFL Player of the Week along with Washington's Clinton Portis and Dallas'Julius Jones. Last week, Maroney had more yards on fewer carries and more touchdowns than the other two finalists.

He's also competing for Diet Pepsi NFL Rookie of the Week honors. Other finalists in the voting are New Orleans'Marques Colston, Carolina's Richard Marshall, Atlanta's Jerious Norwood and Houston's Mario Williams. Maroney, whose longest carry was 41 yards, scored on touchdown runs of 11 and 25 yards, giving him three rushing touchdowns on the season.

Fans can vote for both awards on Voting for Player of the Week honors is open until 6pm EST on Thursday. Rookie of the Week voting continues through January and can also be done via Sprint wireless service.

Belichick nominated for Coach of the WeekAfter leading the Patriots to a 38-13 road victory over the undefeated Bengals on Sunday, Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick has been nominated for the Motorola NFL Coach of the Week honors. Also in the running are Chicago's Lovie Smith and Houston's Gary Kubiak. Fans can cast their votes until noon EST on Friday on The winner will be announced Friday afternoon on

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