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Important message to all Patriots fans regarding parking at Gillette Stadium

Parking and traffic control is something we are constantly reviewing here at Gillette Stadium in order to make your experience on game day the best it can be.

Parking and traffic control is something we are constantly reviewing here at Gillette Stadium in order to make your experience on game day the best it can be. With the volume of cars coming into and out of the lots from primarily one road, it is essential we ask for (and need!) your cooperation when parking at Gillette Stadium.

Our current operational policies outlined below, are necessary for two primary reasons. First, they allow us to maintain sufficient capacity for all our fans, regardless of their arrival time. Second, they help us to efficiently and rapidly move cars off of Route 1, which reduces the travel time. Any type of deviation from this process increases the travel time for all fans. Even one car can have a ripple effect that affects everyone. Please familiarize yourself with these policies and help us keep things moving on game day!

Parking Operations Policies:

  • Upon paying, follow the directions given by the parking attendants and park within the space they have designated for your use. Since the 2003 season, we have not allowed fans to park their vehicles where they choose in any of our parking lots. From the time our parking lots open all vehicles will be parked as directed.
  • If you plan to meet friends and tailgate side by side, you must arrive together to park together (one vehicle after another). We do not hold spaces for those arriving at a later time. We do not allow individuals to wait in a particular section of a parking lot until their friends arrive.
  • Please park your vehicle within one parking space. You will be asked to move your vehicle if you occupy more than one space.
  • Please be courteous to other arriving fans. Wait until the parking space next to yours is occupied before you open your doors or unload any tailgating items.
  • Once you are parked and the spaces around you are filled please do not pull your vehicle into the drive aisles as they prohibit emergency access around the parking lots. Any vehicle left in the aisles will be towed at the owner's expense.By following these guidelines you'll help ensure that all of your fellow Patriot fans are able to locate spaces and park in a timely manner. Failure to follow the above guidelines may result in your ejection from the parking lots and possible loss of Season Ticket Holder privileges.

Thank you for understanding this critical component of our operations necessary to provide the highest level of service to all our fans. As always, we appreciate your continued loyalty to the New England Patriots and Gillette Stadium.

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