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In Case You Missed It: 1/23/2014

Just in case you missed it, we recap the week following the Patriots AFC Championship loss against the Denver Broncos as the team prepares to begin the off-season.

This past Tuesday was the 20th Anniversary of when Robert Kraft bought the New England Patriots in 1994. Even though the Patriots were unable to reach the Super Bowl this year, the team's accomplishments over the past twenty years cannot be denied.

After the Patriots 26-16 loss to the Denver Broncos in the AFC Championship game, Erik Scalavino offered his analysis of the game. Tom Brady was not his usual self in the loss, but he did have an impressive 5-yard touchdown run late in the game. Nevertheless it was the end of the line and the team was thrust into the offseason two weeks sooner than they would have liked. But as Bill Belichick said in his press conference on Monday morning, the team is turning the page to the 2014 season. And before moving into "off-season mode," take a look back at the 2013 season and read how much the team grew from week one to week twenty.

It didn't take long for Belichick to make his first moves of the offseason. Early in the week the team announced that it had signed seven players to future contracts. All seven players ended the year on New England's practice squad. Marcus Forston was also signed to a future contract. But as the Patriots move deeper into the offseason, Bill Belichick will have some tough decisions to make. At the top of the to-do list, Belichick will need to decide whether to resign Julian Edelman, Aqib Talib, and LeGarrette Blount -- but according to Blount, he still really wants to be here for the 2014 season.

In addition to the team's in their own division, the Patriots are scheduled to play the AFC West and the NFC North next season. But for the first time since Bill Belichick took over as the Patriots head coach, the team will be without assistant coaches, Pepper Johnson and Dante Scarnecchia. Belichick later released this statement on Johnson, while Patriots Today's Jackie Brittain took a look back at Scarnecchia's tenure here in New England. In place of Scarnecchia, Dave DeGulielmo has been named as the team's new offensive line coach. DeGuglielmo has been coaching for 22 years and has coached for the New York Giants, Miami Dolphins, and most recently, the New York Jets.

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