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In Case You Missed It: AFC Championship week

Just in case you missed it, we recap the week following the Patriots Divisional win against the Colts as the team prepares to play the Denver Broncos in the AFC Championship.

After rolling past the Indianapolis Colts 43-22 last Saturday night, people started asking if the Patriots were poised for another Super Bowl run. The NFL Gameday Morning team asked whether New England's possessed the winning formula with its new ground-and-pound style. Rookie linebacker, Jamie Collins was certainly one of the stars of the game, finishing with six tackles, one sack, one interception, and two tackles for a loss. After the Denver Broncos defeated the San Diego Chargers, the stage was set for a fifteenth meeting between Tom Brady and Peyton Manning. But which quarterback has the edge this time?

As the team prepared to play the Broncos for the second time this year, we looked ahead and previewed Sunday's game. NFL Films released their own preview of the game as well. Paul Perillo and the rest of the PFW team recaped New England's win against Indianapolis and broke down this weeks matchups on their weekly appearance on Comcast Sports Net. In order to come out with a win, the secondary is going to have to be ready to match Manning's offense and Julian Edelman is going to need to have a good game. One way to beat Manning is to force turnovers. Jackie Brittain caught up with former Patriot Ty Law, to talk bout the defense and the importance of forcing turnovers this week. Jackie also sat down with Hall of Fame quarterback, Dan Marino to discuss the AFC Championship match-up between Tom Brady and Peyton Manning.

On Wednesday, Tom Brady missed practice due to an illness. He was back on Thursday, however, and the team had perfect attendence on the practice field. Check out the final injury report this week prior to the game. Later on Thursday, former Patriots defensive end Willie McGinest was announced as the team's honorary captain for Sunday's game. McGinest answered questions regarding the announcement in a conference call on Thursday night. Friday, the team geared up to head to Denver early and Sebastian Vollmer was named the winner of the 2013 Ed Block Courage Award.

Below you will find this week's complete coverage from

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AUDIO:  Ninkovich 1/13: We've got our work cut out for us
AUDIO:  Bill Belichick on WEEI - 1/13/2014
AUDIO:  Blount 1/13: Broncos are a different team now
AUDIO:  Gregory 1/13: We'll need to be fundamentally sound
AUDIO:  Amendola 1/13: We're really excited to play them
AUDIO:  Develin 1/13: We relish the role as underdogs
AUDIO:  Belichick 1/14: Thomas hard to match up with
AUDIO:  Patricia 1/14: Huge challenge in front of us
AUDIO:  McDaniels 1/14: Edelman driven to be a great player
AUDIO:  Collins 1/15: We've got a lot of preparation to do
AUDIO:  Mallett 1/15: No stone unturned
AUDIO:  Blount 1/15:  The offense is clicking
AUDIO:  Talib 1/15:  McCourty is our defensive quarterback
AUDIO:  Dennard 1/15:  Broncos are a very talented team
AUDIO:  Hoomanawanui 1/15: Blount has been terrific
AUDIO:  Gregory 1/15: Julius Thomas is a dynamic player
AUDIO:  Logan Mankins Conference Call - 1/16/2014
AUDIO:  Slater 1/16: Next man up mantra has worked for us
AUDIO:  Mulligan 1/16: Our RBs have made my job easier
AUDIO:  Arrington 1/16: Need to play a complete 60 minutes
AUDIO:  Vereen 1/16: Tom is healthy and ready to go
AUDIO:  Siliga 1/16: I play with a chip on my shoulder
AUDIO:  Willie McGinest Conference Call - 1/16/2014
AUDIO:  Jones 1/17: Rookies have been stepping up big
AUDIO:  Edelman 1/17: Excited for this Sunday
AUDIO:  Amendola 1/17: Practice habits equal game reality
AUDIO:  Dobson 1/17: My foot is feeling better
AUDIO:  Wendell 1/17: It's fun to see the RBs have success
AUDIO:  Blount 1/17: I love playing for Bill Radio:  PFW in Progress - 1/14/2014 Radio:  Patriots Playbook - 1/14/2014 Radio:  Patriots Playbook - 1/15/2014 Radio:  PFW In Progress - 1/15/2014 Radio:  Patriots Playbook - 1/16/2014 Radio:  PFW In Progress - 1/16/2014 Radio:  Football Nation - 1/16/2014 Radio:  Patriots Roster Report - 1/17/2014

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