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Isaiah Wynn drops mini-documentary on Instagram, sheds light on his family and perseverance 

Isaiah Wynn shares a look into his life and path to the NFL with a mini-documentary on his Instagram.

Over the years, Isaiah Wynn has made "Win with Wynn Wednesdays" a staple, offering motivation and inspiration on his social media feeds, and on this Wednesday, he upped the ante with a mini-documentary about his life, his family, his mentors and his path to the NFL.

Wynn shared the documentary on his Instagram and on Vimeo, and the roughly 13-minute production gives insight into how he has grown through adversity -- from his family making ends meet to the injury that sidelined him his rookie year.

"I'm here for a reason," Wynn said. "I know He ain't bringing me along all this way just to let me tear my Achilles and be like, 'Alright, that's all I got for you.' I knew it was more than that."

Though his family knew he was strong enough to handle this chapter of his life, they worried.

"He's in a new city, new state, by himself, no family. We all took turns taking care of him during his whole recovery process," his sister, Leana, said. "We knew that he was strong, and he would make it through but it took a lot of us continuously showing support and knowing that this isn't the end."

This isn't the only time Isaiah and his family needed to pull together. Raising three young children, Beulah Johnson struggled to make ends meet. Despite working as a speech language pathologist, money was tight.

"I always believe that children should be children. They shouldn't have to worry about where their meal is coming from," she said. "Are the lights going to be on? Is there going to be milk in the refrigerator? I did my best to make ends meet and use those services within the community without them knowing."

Now, with a platform as an NFL player, Wynn has made sure to give back to those who might need a helping hand. The documentary shows Wynn and his family handing out meals over the extended off-season to those in his community.

And in the closing words of the piece, Johnson made it clear that's something she instilled in her son, even as he continues to chase his dreams.

"Continue to stay humble, stay grounded and know that material things do not define you," she said. "You will leave this Earth and those material things will be here, but what you put in someone's heart will last forever."

You can check out the whole documentary below.

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