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Jacksonville Post Game Quotes

Del Rio (Post Game): They are just playing good, sound defense. They are a smart, tough group that is playing well together.

Jack Del Rio, Coach.
(How would you characterize the play of the Patriots?)
They did the things they needed to do to win the game. They kept us out when we moved the ball, got in the red zone, got some turnovers late and converted third downs. If you want to be a good football team, beat a team like this in their place, you have got to do better in those areas.

(What is it that makes them so tough to score against?)
They are just playing good, sound defense. They are a smart, tough group that is playing well together. We were 0 – 3 in the red zone.

(On Tom Brady)
I think he is a good quarterback. He does a nice job making decisions. It wasn't any huge production by either offense. Both offenses were around 300 total yards.
(Is this loss a setback?)*
I think it is another learning experience. We have no doubt that our team is willing to go out and put forth the type of effort and physical play that you need to be effective in this league.

Byron Leftwich, QB
(On limping off the field)
I'm ok. I just finished playing the football game. I'm just sore.

(On difference between first and second half)
I just think I made two mistakes. The whole second half came down to two mistakes and I think us not taking care of our opportunities early in the first half really hurt us. We have to score more touchdowns and not kick field goals.

(On the effect the weather played and playing in the snow)
None. It was just like old times.
(On playing the NE defense)*
I actually liked our chances. I know what type of team we have and we did a lot of good things offensively. We just didn't take advantage of probably just three plays. That's the difference between scoring six points and twenty-one. When you play a team like this who has a great defensive scheme, they're not going to give you a whole lot of opportunities, so when you do get them, you have to take advantage of them.

(On the defensive schemes)
They did some things, I don't know if I haven't seen it before, but they do a lot of different things. When you play the 3-4 defense, you can bring guys from just about anywhere, and they did there fair share of that, but offensively we picked it up. It's just like I said, it came down to 4 or 5 plays that we wish we had back. They've got some great players over their and those guys made some plays. Lets give these guys credit. They did a heck of a job going out there and doing the things that they do well.

(On what he did effectively)
I think we had some success on things, its too tough to say right now, because I haven't watched the film yet, but from sitting right here, I wish we had four plays back, because I think that's the difference between winning the football game. We just came out here and competed, and we just fell a little short today.

(On Taylor dropping the touchdown pass)
That's just football, those things happen, we're not going to blame each other. The same thing happened to their team. It's the game of football, you have to learn from it and try and get better, but it wasn't a let down.

(On running into the official)
I felt something, you know how you catch something out of the side of your eye, but I was just happy to see him get up and be ok. I don't think I could have avoided him, if I could have, I would have tried.

Marc Edwards, Fullback
(On playing his old team)
It was nice to see everybody and get a nice response from the crowd, but the bottom line in this business is you still want to win ball games. We're trying to build a future here and in order for us to be successful we are going to have to win these games away, in a tough environment.

(About Patriots defense)
They play well as a team. It is not one guy out there making plays, its all eleven guys out there.

(On losing)
We just took a step backwards today. We shot ourselves in the foot a little bit. In the first half, we didn't really capitalize on some opportunities. But I am very comfortable with what we are doing here and what Jack is doing. It is very promising for the future.

Jimmy Smith, Wide Receiver
(On game)
We have a long way to go, if this is supposed to be the best team in the NFL. You understand why they are best team. They take advantage of the opportunities that they get and turn them into scores. We have to be able to put some points on the board offensively. Our defense is pretty good, and we have to offensively measure up to our defense.

(On first play from scrimmage)
That was just one play. You make your statement over the course of the ball game.

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