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Jaguars Postgame Quotes - 12/23/2012

Jacksonville Jaguars players and coaches addressed the media following their regular season game against the New England Patriots at EverBank Field on Sunday, December 23, 2012. Read their quotes below.

Marcus Cannon
Marcus Cannon


(opening statement) "Disappointed. I am very disappointed for our team. I am very, very, very, very, very proud of this football team. Glad to be a part of it, proud to be a part of it. Fifteenth game, they were playing for a bye, we were playing for respect. Our guys, every one of them, showed up today to win that game. We walked out of the locker room like we did the first 14; we believed we could win that game. We just came up short again. I am disappointed for them, but I don't know if I have ever been this proud of a football team in my life. We just came up short. I told them in the locker room afterwards, we are going to go a long way with people like that, with that kind of heart and that kind of character."

(on settling for field goals in the first half, did you regret any of those) "We knew before the game that we had to score touchdowns. No, I didn't put negative thoughts in my head. We wanted points. I was very proud with have we drove the ball down there and got those points. I thought about whether we should go for it on 4th-and-3. We have not been very efficient on third downs this year, not like we are going to be. Certainly, fourth downs haven't been our forte. Kicking those field goals allowed us to have a chance to tie it on the last play of the game. Offense already knew we were going for two when we scored the touchdown. Those field goals hurt, certainly the missed one, but kicking those field goals gave us a chance to tie the game on the last play of the game."

(on if they going for the win if they scored on the last drive) "We were going for the win, absolutely. They knew before the drive started.

(on why) "We wanted to win the game. We didn't want to win in overtime, we wanted to win the game."

(on preparation for this week translated in the game) "They have been prepared. They come in and get prepared every week. They have been very focused, very resilient. They come in here every week with the plan and how to get it down and go win on Sunday. This week was no different than any other week. It's been the same. Again, no one knows that unless they come out to practice and watch these guys line up on a Wednesday, Thursday or Friday and watch how they do things. You see why we have a chance, but it definitely made a difference this week."

(on Zach Potter's offsides call) "That was disappointing because that was brought up to the officials before the game that they were going to do that. They were going to shift illegally, not illegally, but line up and shift with the intent to draw the offense offsides and blurt out a cadence as they're doing it. That was in my office. That was addressed. We practiced it. We practiced it the whole week those guys shifting with the cadence. They were informed it was coming. Obviously, they didn't call it and we jumped. But we practiced that. Very frustrating. I will not bring those things up with the officials anymore. We are going to get a time check and who the captains are and move on."

(on if it's illegal) "It's only illegal if they throw a flag. It's illegal in the book if they blurt out a cadence."

(on if he feels the referees ignored him) "They said they couldn't hear it (the cadence)."

(on possibly going away from the no huddle offense) "No we stuck with it. Some of the situations were field position, time of the game and some of it was discussed if we were going to throw the ball down the field. What we have no-huddle wise is not a big arsenal to throw down the field. "

(on the intent of the player safety calls during the game) "That is what the intent of those rules are; player safety."

(on the Cecil Shorts hit being blatant) "I was more frustrated by the number of times our quarterback has been hit, one in a sling, without having some calls. That is what is more frustrating to me. That one yard line was critical. It's very, very frustrating when we knew it was coming. We practiced and they still jumped and they didn't call it. We were forewarned on what we coming."

(on if the team showed him something extra today) "It was pretty high already, I can tell you that. It was pretty high. I am proud of them, very proud of them. I have been all year like you said, (proud of) the way we approached things."

(on the Cecil Shorts/Uche Nwaneri injuries being head injuries) "Yes."

(on the Poz injury) "He was getting ready to return. Not sure if he got in for another play, but he was ready to go back in."

(on getting pressure on Tom Brady) "We got some push up inside. We got some pressure. For the majority of the time, our pressure was good. I thought our scheme was very good, what Mel and that staff did. We let the run game get going early in the game. I thought our guys got the job done and be where they were supposed to be to make some plays. That play (Jeremy) Mincey by covering a back. He did the same exact thing in practice. He knew the way it was run, exact outcome. We did everything we did in practice, we did on the field today."


(on what the Patriots defense did differently after the Jaguars opening drive touchdown) "Defenses are going to adjust and obviously whether we execute our plays well enough or not it just comes down to execution and I don't think they did anything different then what we practiced or expected. So it's just execution phase and we've got to fight through some of those ups and downs and bring out the positives."

(on deciding to go for it on fourth-and-one) "That's totally not up to me. It's coach Mularkey and we do what he says and we get the ball back and we've got to score points."

(on taking care of the ball inside Patriots territory and getting points no matter what ) "Some of those were third downs and we didn't convert some of them but give them credit. They covered some of our routes and I did the best thing with the ball rather than turn it over and get points out of it rather than none which we haven't gotten in the past. So the most important thing is points."

(on the false start penalty when the Jaguars had the ball on the Patriots one-yard line) "Yeah it's tough. Their defensive line does some different shifts and calls out some cadences but we practiced that all week and we've just got to be focused on each and every play knowing that they were going to do that and convert that play."

(on his last throw of the game) "They were packing their drops. They were dropping eight people so there were going to be tight windows and they did a good job. They covered us up but especially the last play I tried to give the guys a chance and we've got to be the ones to be aggressive and go up for the ball but overall I thought the guys fought hard, did what they were supposed to do, made the plays when they were there. Obviously you want to make more plays out there but I thought the guys fought hard and showed what kind of team we really are."

(on what the Jaguars offense did on the first drive) "We were in our no huddle offense and we kind of mixed it in and out. If we had some huddle calls, we had our regular game plan in it. But whether they were surprised or not we just executed our game plan and took it down and they're going to adjust and do some different things and they were forcing us to sometimes pass the ball more than run the ball. We did a great job running the ball in that first series, mixing it up so they're going to stop one phase and you've just got to attack another phase."

(on running a no huddle offense) "We practice it every week. We start the periods in our practices for no huddle. Obviously we had a game plan against what they were going to do on no huddle but you're still limited to some of the plays out there rather than your whole game plan that you have on the wrist band and calling the plays so we had a great game plan going in and just related it back. They did a good job on defense stopping us and we just need to convert some of those plays."

(on how comfortable he feels running no huddle) "I think any quarterback will tell you that if you're calling the plays and getting in that rhythm you're going to be a lot more comfortable. I feel pretty much even. I think I run no huddle well and I think underneath center with our game plan we've got to execute that. It's just a rhythm I think more than anything."


(On coming up just short in the end) "It's tough because last week, we were talking about, 'Where are we going to go from here; what are we going to do?' Each week, we come out and prepare to win a ball game. Does it go our way all the time? No. But we definitely took a step forward. Every week this entire year, win or lose, we've been taking a steps forward. We're going to be great. For one reason or another, things haven't been falling our way. Today we fought, and (it is) nothing to hang our heads about. We've got one more week left, and we're going to prepare the same way."

(On being able to attack defenses and having to settle for field goals in the red zone) "We believe in what we do every week. It's never about the other team. Regardless of who they are, they're men just like we are. It's about us and how we execute. Obviously we want to get seven and we had to settle for three a few times. Obviously that hurt us and came to bite us in the end, but what can you say? We went out there and gave it our all."

(On still having something to play for) "We have to play for each other; that's all we need."


(on the team) It was just a matter of getting in the swing of things and getting some reps. I'm starting to feel pretty comfortable. I think we have a good group of guys. We have been really close in the last three or four games. I think we had quite a few penalties. It's just little stuff that has been holding us back. That is something that we are constantly working on and hopefully we will be better.

(on working with Cecil and Justin) Those two guys are great. Cecil is unbelievable. I enjoy watching him run his routes. Those guys don't need much help from me.


(On if the locker room had more optimism this week) "I would say so. We've known how important these last few weeks were going to be. We want to end the season the right way. This team really came out and played hard today. We wish we would have gotten the win, but everybody is excited with what we can do, and we look forward to this next week."

(On the false start penalty at the goal line in the fourth quarter) "Obviously we knew (the Patriots) were going to do some moving down there because that's what they tend to do and unfortunately it got one of us to jump a little bit. It was a costly penalty but that's the stuff we've got to work on."

(On that penalty being a microcosm of the season) "We did such a great job of moving the ball. We've got to find ways to not hurt ourselves. That's the key to the game."

(On if he was surprised about the offense's fast start) "No. That's what we wanted to do. We've always talked about starting fast, and our plan was to start this game fast. I thought we did a great job of doing that and moving the ball early. There are some situations we've got to get better at like finishing in the red zone. I thought we took a step in the right direction today."


(On the team's overall effort today) "(The) bottom line is every game there's just one play. We talked about it all year. It's just making one more play because a lot of times that's the margin that separates a win from a loss."

(On the difference in the defense today) "To be honest, there wasn't much different about our approach. The preparation and execution starting on Monday and going into our work week on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, the preparation is always high. We really try to hone in on guys and put our best foot forward. We played good ball, and the intensity and enthusiasm was there."


(On the team having a lot of energy today) "That's what you're going to get out of this team every week. We're going to play hard and give it what we got each and every week."

(On gaining the defense gaining confidence as the game progressed) "We felt confident going in (to the game). We feel confident every week. We believe in what we do as a team, but specifically defensively we really believe in what we're doing, and we feel like we have a chance to stop everybody when we execute. We executed better today."

(On how having Daryl Smith back made a difference) "You're talking about not only the best defensive player on this team but one of the best in the league. Obviously I haven't seen the film, and I don't know if he was in midseason form but anytime you have him out there he's going to make an impact."

(On if today's large crowd and some players maybe playing their last game motivated him) "You don't really have time to think about those things. It's another game for us. We treat every game the same. We just give it everything we've got and let the chips fall."

(On sacking Tom Brady) "It's definitely a big deal. He's a big time player and a Hall of Fame guy."


(on the game) We played hard and showed we are resilient. We have what it takes. We just have to make the plays that we need to make. We had them on their heels for awhile. They got a few interceptions and few first downs but we held their scoring average down. We held them to a lot of field goals but it still wasn't enough. We have to go back to the drawing board and get ready for the Titans.

(on the team) We have been fighting the whole year. I hate to say I'm proud of the guys after a loss but I am because we fought to the end. That was a good football team. They are a really good football team and they just did escape. If we come to play like that every week the sky is the limit. I have a really good feeling this is the quiet before the storm. There is a lot to learn from, a lot to get better at and a lot of things to evaluate. I have a good feeling about this group of guys in this room.

(on the locker room and not feeling like you lost) When you give your all and you still fall short then you have nothing to hang your head about. You have a bunch of guys that will never quit. We might be a tad bit short on talent right now but this locker room has heart. We have a lot of heart. We have to go back to the drawing board. I learned a lot about myself this season.

(on moving forward) We probably have the youngest team in the NFL. Everybody is young. We have pretty young team and we are learning as we go. We are going to continue to work hard to be the best that we can be. It's a matter of time before we click. There is a lot of games that we should have won this year.


(on the team) It's hard to say how close the team is but I think this game and other games we've had proves we are close. In the NFL there is a difference between being close and we got it. That can change your whole season. It can change your whole franchise. I think everyone knows we are not that far away.

(on your role) They want me to help set the culture. Especially on the D-line with the way I work, the way I practice and the way I live my life and train. They want that to help out the young guys because they are pretty young outside of Mincey and Mosley. I think today you could see the line was on the same page. We all bought in and the D-line as a whole really took a step forward.

(On going forward) Just help building the culture. When they say Jaguars they say that is a nasty defensive line. They hit the quarterback and harass him. They hit the ball carrier. That is what you want the outside people to say about your position and your team.

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