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Jaguars Postgame Quotes: Patriots vs. Jaguars

Jacksonville Jaguars players comment on their Preseason game against the Jacksonville Jaguars from Gillette Stadium on Thursday, August 11, 2011.

Dawan Landry, Safety
(On fumble recovery)
"Everybody was flying around and we were able to knock the ball loose. It felt good to get the turnover early on."

(On finally playing a game)
"It felt good. We finally got some live action and it felt pretty good."

Deji Karim, Running Back / Kick Returner
(On kickoff success)
"When you have a kickoff return team like we do, you expect that."

(On touchbacks)
"That first kick off that we had, I thought so this is how it's going to be. They kicked it right out of the end zone.  But on the second kickoff I noticed some things about the coverage and on the third one, I made the adjustment and so did my blockers and we exploded for one."

Montell Owens, Fullback
(On his special teams play)
"I take a lot of pride in it. It's all about playing your role, and even though I came from the University of Maine as an offensive guy, having an opportunity on special teams and realizing that's where I fit best so this team can win… That's why I love doing what I do. Back when I got here in 2006 there were seven running backs on the depth charts. When you come in underneath those circumstances, special teams is going to be your ticket. "

(On continually learning)
"I'll tell you what, [Special Teams Coordinator] Russ Purnell, He brings years and years of experience. Also we've got another seasoned guy, Kassim Osgood, he's been around the league for a long time. Some of the little things I've learned from those two have definitely benefited my career."

Uche Nwaneri, Guard/Center
(On the short practice season)
"We had some guys brought in here to do their job and to know what was going on. This is preseason and these are the type of things you deal with early, a little bit out of rhythm here and there. We got some things moving early in the game and then kind of stalled out a little bit. We expect to be better than that, and we will do better next week."

(On the first efforts)
"It is always valuable when you're on tape. There are 32 teams out there evaluating players, everybody is getting evaluated. So it will be something we will be able to go look at and correct, and things that need to get done better will get done. "

Scotty McGee, Return Specialist
(On couple good returns and pre-season)
"I felt great. I just have to keep working, take a look at the tape, make sure I made all the right reads and be sure to get better from this week to next week. The short preseason didn't hurt too much. I worked hard all off season and the guys all got together on our own and did our own renditions to get ready."

Rashad Jennings, Running Back
(On his performance in the game)
"It was good to get some reps, felt good, got a chance to get the feet wet, live contact, brush up behind the line and get in the groove."

(On shortened pre-season)
"I think both sides of the ball felt some frustration tonight, but that is what preseason is for. We just need to take [a look at all the] film from here and progress. That's what we are going to do as a ball club."

Paul Posluszny, Linebacker
(On the preseason)
"It showed that some of us have only been out there for a week. It is good to get back out there on the field and be running around with the guys and it was good to be a part of this team. It obviously showed that we have a lot of work to do as well. We will get back to it right away and get things fixed. We definitely made mistakes, but the good part is that they are easily fixable. It wasn't anything major. It was little things here and there that added up. That is the good part about it. The bad part is that we made mistakes that we didn't want to but you are going to have that, week one of the preseason. As long as we get it worked out now and are ready to go when the regular season starts we will be fine."

(On the positives for the defense)
"The turnovers and we are forcing the ball out because that is something that we have stressed during camp. Then to come out and force a couple of fumbles; that was a great sign for our defense that we are heading in the right direction."

Jason Spitz, Guard
(On the game)
"Once you have a job in this league it is always nice to keep it and it is obvious that we have a lot of work to do, especially myself. It is a little bit disappointing to come out here and perform the way we did but it is preseason and we will get back to work and keep improving. I don't think I played very well. I don't give excuses. This is only my fifth practice and it has been a tough situation since coming off free agency. The good side is that you can only go up from here. There are no excuses. You always want to come out and compete and win the game and we just didn't get it done."

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