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JE11 is next man up at 'Seabass School of German'

Julian Edelman enrolls in the Seabass School of German before the Super Bowl.

There is no such thing as too robust a resume. Just ask Julian Edelman.

Circus Super Bowl catch? Check. "Restaurant entrepreneur?" Check. Fluent in German? Thanks to Sebastian Vollmer, check. 

Tom Brady and Danny Amendola both took lessons at the "Seabass School of German" earlier this season, and Julian is the latest Patriot to enroll. In a video posted the day before Super Bowl LI, Patriots Nation quickly learned that German may not come as naturally to JE11 as a touchdown catch. 

This edition was Super Bowl focused, looking back at Super Bowl XLIX. Sebastian taught Julian had to say crucial phrases, like the play-by-play call for his touchdown, "Hey, we did it," and "You're the best quarterback in the world." Rather than tackle the whole sentence, Sebastian broke it up, and Julian nails it. 

"I'm a line-by-line guy," he said. 

Next time, Sebastian can add the phrase, "Five-time Super Bowl champions" to his syllabus.

Check out Julian's German lesson in the video below.


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