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Jerod Mayo Conference Call Transcript

Patriots LB Jerod Mayo addresses the media during his conference call on Monday, August 29, 2011.

Q: Did the storm have any effect on your home in New England. I know you have family back home in Virginia…  

JM: My family back home is fine. The only thing is that they lost electricity, and so did I up here. That's the only problem.  

Q: So they lost power down in Virginia?  

JM: Yeah. They lost power in Virginia and I lost power up here.  

Q: Are you still out?  

JM: Yep, out of power.  

Q: We obviously had a few roster moves today and among them was James Sanders. You've all talked quite fondly of him in the past; can you talk about losing him and what he meant to the team in previous years?  

JM: James is a great player. It's not really my job to evaluate guys and how they do on the field. Coach Belichick made the decision, and did what he thought was the best decision for the team. I have all the respect in the world for James.  

Q: We spoke with Andre Carter earlier; he mentioned the process of watching film and going over the game. After a tough game like that is it nearly as bad as it seems in the moment when you watch it on film or does it seem worse?  

JM: We were out there [and] we knew how bad the game was. We just didn't make a good game plan. We learned a lot from the film and that's one thing that we'll take with the loss. We learned a lot, and hopefully we can move forward in a positive direction.

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