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Jerod Mayo Postgame Transcript - 8/18/2011

(On getting after the quarterback and not letting up)
"You know, Coach [Belichick] wanted us to come out aggressive and it was a good game plan [that] we executed pretty well."

(On how it felt to be disruptive)
"It felt pretty good, but at the same time, anything to help this team win. Wherever Coach Belichick and Matty P [Matt Patricia] want to put me, I'm willing to do. I just like winning games and I love playing football."

(On the defensive ends)
"Those guys played well. I'll let you know after I watch the film but from what I can tell, those guys played well."

(On this being his best opportunity so far)
"Like I said earlier, I feel comfortable – I'm going into my fourth year. Coach Belichick is doing different things with me so whatever it ends up being I'm willing to do. Whether it be making the big plays or just making a bunch of tackles – whatever these guys want me to do, I'm wiling to do."

(On being freed up to dictate the action instead of reading and reacting)
"It does feel good having those big workhorses in front of me. All of those guys played well tonight and it just feels good to be able to run around a little bit."

(On Danny Woodhead's hit)
"He's very tough. That's one thing that Coach Bellichick always talks about – that mental toughness, and he displayed that tonight."

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