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Jets Postgame Quotes

New York Jets players comment on their 34-31 win over the New England Patiots in overtime at Gillette Stadium on Thursday, November 13, 2008.

D'Brickashaw Ferguson, Tackle
*(On the game)
*"We are feeling great. We came in here and it was tough fought game. It was back and forth, but we came out with a victory and that's what we planned to do. They're a tough opponent and I definitely tip my hat to them. Their defense is great and their offense is great, but we were the better team today. We tried to impose our will and do everything we needed to do to get this victory and it turned our way. I feel great. We are going to enjoy this and get ready for our next opponent, Tennessee (Titans)."

Ty Law, Cornerback
(On the victory)
"It feels good. I played a little bit more than I anticipated and I was little rusty. It feels good to come in here and get a win. I made it a little bit hard for us, but its good and it will build a little bit of character. That catch is what is sticking in mind a little bit. They made a great throw and a great catch and it is one of those plays I have to make in the next go around. I am just so happy we got the win and we are in first place. It was a great game to come back and a great game to win. Now it is time to get these legs up under me and help make a push to the playoffs.

(On the future)
"This is big win for the morale of the team. The enthusiasm and the excitement of the guys on the team, I haven't seen that in a long time. It brings back fond memories of what I got accustomed to. I like the group of guys here and I think we are going to be a team to reckon with for the stretch run for the playoffs. If we can continue to build on games like this like a win in overtime, we are going to end up being one of those teams to beat. We just have to build on this good win."

Calvin Pace, Linebacker
(On the difference in the game)
"I don't know. We made a play when it was time to make a play. The offense came up big. It wasn't the prettiest but we got it done. It was exciting but we didn't have to make it that close. I don't know what happened. I give the Patriots credit because they kept playing. They had every reason to slow down but they kept it going. Our offense, they did a heck of a job today. In that last, little period they just kept at it. That (game) was not good on my heart. It was two teams fighting hard. It is a shame it ended like that but I am glad we won. Moving on to Tennessee."

(On first place)
"It is huge. That is why guys like myself came here, to play in games like this, to play for something. And it is coming together."

Eric Barton, Linebacker
(On the exciting win)
"It was a big win. It was a division opponent and you have to win those games if you want to continue on and make the playoffs. I really didn't want it to be this way, but we won so hey! It is up there. A total team effort, we had to fight. We won. I can't say enough about the guys effort in this locker room. We stuck with it. We knew it wasn't going to be easy. We got it done."

(On what was the difference in the game)
"I don't know. I have no idea. If we build from this it will be tremendous. We can't celebrate for long."

David Bowens, Linebacker(On if it was the most exciting game of his career)
"Yes it was. It was full of excitement. It had a little bit of everything. Special teams, offense, defense. You name it, it had it."

(On the difference in the game)
"Perseverance. We just stuck to our guns. Especially that last drive where the offense ran the ball effectively and passed the ball effectively. They marched down there and got it done. This means we are in first. Now we have to stay there."

Jay Feely, Placekicker
(On the feeling on the sidelines in OT )
"You kind of need to reset your mind. When we score that touchdown you're thinking we can win the game and their marching down the field and you're hoping the defense can get a stop and obviously they made a great play and scored. Now you go into overtime and reset. You try to refocus and go over to the net and start kicking. It's just about doing my job then, hoping the offense can get a great drive together. They did a great job and it was a tough third down and kept marching down and now we were in a good position. "

(On great week versus Arizona to build confidence)
"No question that St. Louis game was a big game for me and Reggie has done a great job holding the ball and James has done a great job snapping. The more I have had time to kick with him, the more comfortable I have felt. Obviously making those kicks last week really helped and it helped me with my confidence and came into this game feeling good and believing I could make anything I kick."

Leon Washington, Running Back
(On watching New England's last drive in regulation)
"You know how great of a team they are. You know they are resilient, you know they can fight, you know they are going to keep fighting for their coach. We knew coming into this game it was going to be a tight one, we didn't expect it to be this close, but at the same time it was a hard win for us and those guys did a good job of fighting and they showed a lot of character in this locker room. "

(On coming out in OT for the final drive to win it)
"Brett Favre. He can get you there, a lot of guys made big catches along that drive and big runs and left in up to Feely to make the kick. It's something we work on in practice with 2 minutes and get yourself in position to win the game. This locker room has a lot of character and the last four games we have been showing that."

(On getting out of this game with a win)
"It feels great, it shows the resiliency of this locker room, it shows the type of guys we have in this locker room, it shows how we can play a good football game collectively, special teams picked up for the defense, offense picked up for the defense, defense made plays early on to give the offense good field position. That's what we are going to need all year long, the veterans to step up and the young guys to follow behind us and to get this thing rolling, it's good to see four games in a row."

(On the final drive)
"You get into the huddle and you look into No. 4's eyes and you know you are going to have a chance to win. Dustin Keller, Jerricho [Cotchery] and Laveranues [Coles] made big catches along that drive and you leave it in the kickers hands. If you could draw it up, that's the best way you like to see it a win like that."

Jerricho Cotchery, Wide Receiver
(On the game)
"It's a big win, we set a goal to come out to come in here and make that next step. We had a big opportunity ahead of us, everyone was willing to do their part and step up and make it happen. "

(On the offense in overtime)
"We have been working hard offensively and we have just been wanting those opportunities to finish the game off like that. Everyone is stepping up and it's just another building block for us and we take from this game everything in those areas and we'll just get better.

(On being in the huddle with Brett Favre for the game winning drive)
"It's calm and relaxed, it's a relaxed atmosphere out there, everyone was focused, it was similar to the Buffalo game, we had to make a drive and finish the game off and it was the same. We picked up first downs and kept the chains moving."

Dustin Keller, Tight End
(On the closeness of the game)
"If you go back and look at it, you would rather have a blowout any given day. Now that it is all said and over with, it doesn't get better than that."

(On his overtime third and fifteen catch)
"It was real nervy, but you just get up for that. Your adrenalin is pumping it was just unexplainable. All that is going through your mind is go out there the ball is coming to me, even if it is not, you still have to think that, and you got to get open. "

(On his large role in the game)
"I did not think I would have this big of a role. Like I said you have to go out there thinking the ball is coming your way. I couldn't have anticipated getting this many balls today. I am just glad it turned out the way it did."

Chris Baker, Tight End(On the win)
"They were at the top of the division and we had to come out here and get this win. If we lose this game we are out of the division race. This was huge for us."

(On the magnitude of the game)
"This was like a playoff atmosphere, it was a heck of a game, and it was up there with one of the biggest wins that I have been involved in."

*(On the back and forth to the game)
*"That is part of the game and we didn't put it away when we had the chance to early on. They fought back and we knew they were not going to give us anything. It was nice to go out there and finish it off, even after they came back to send it into overtime."

Thomas Jones, Running Back
(On the win)
"It was emotional, this was a big game for us. To be able to come up here and play New England in their house and win, it was just big for us. Now we are in first place in the division. This was just a very exciting game, and a very exciting team win."

(On the up and down atmosphere)
"New England, they are champions, they are not going to quit, or give up, and we knew that coming into the game. We jumped out on them, but the game is never over with them. They have guys that have won two or three Superbowls, and they are not going to quit."

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