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Jimmy Garoppolo Press Conference Transcript 9/7

Patriots Quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo addresses the media during his press conference at Gillette Stadium on Wednesday, September 7, 2016.

Q: What is like now that Week 1 is upon you and you are the starting quarterback for the Patriots?

JG: It's busy, that's for sure. There's not much time to rest or anything like that, but that's what I expected. It's going pretty smooth right now. We've just got to keep it rolling this week. 

Q: How has the preparation changed now compared to the preseason?

JG: We have a game plan now. In preseason, you don't really game plan as much as you do in the regular season. We're really getting into that; just the finer little details that you go over, just every down. It's been going really good.    

Q: After your experience in the league so far, has the game slowed down for you yet and how has that made you a better quarterback?

JG: I feel like it has, especially since my rookie year and last year. The biggest part of that is the mental part. Once you know the offense, you know what you're looking for on defense and everything like that, you can mentally break it down to where you almost know where you're going with the ball. It's comforting feeling. Not that it's moving in slow motion, but it's moving a lot slower than what it was. 

Q: Given that Arizona isn't likely to run anything you've seen from them in the preseason, how do you prepare for the unknown while keeping things under control when the unexpected presents itself?

JG: I think our coaches do a tremendous job of - they track these games back years and years and everything like that. They get all the tendencies they can, and they do a great job of preparing us for whatever we may see Sunday night. We just have to react to it the right way and stay calm, cool and collected.   

Q: How much do you feel Tom Brady's legacy looming over you with the banner hanging outside?

JG: Not really. To be honest, I haven't had much time to even think about that. It's straight Arizona right now. That's where my head is at and that's probably where it will stay. 

Q: With Tom Brady gone, is there a part of you that's excited that split ownership of the offense is gone and everyone has to look your way now?

JG: Yeah, it's a smoother operation, I'll say that. It's just me and Jacoby [Brissett], all the reps are just between the two of us now and we kind of know where we sit on that. It's different without Tom [Brady], no question about it, but it is what it is at this point. 

Q: Is it easier for you to take ownership of the offense now?

JG: I think that just comes with being a quarterback. Naturally, that kind of happens on its own. But yeah, you want to go in there and let the guys know that you're here to work and here to do your job the right way. 

Q: What was Tom Brady's message to your on his way out?

JG: It wasn't anything crazy. It was just a goodbye and good luck, really. He was just wishing me luck for the first four, and I think he wished it for the whole team. Tom, he's very supportive of us and we appreciate that. 

Q: How confident are you that you know what you're doing and your instincts will take over on the field?

JG: I think part of that is going back to the game slowing down for you. As the game slows down, you're able to play faster. You know what you want to do with the ball, whatever it may be. It's a bcomforting feeling. When you know what defense to expect, when you know what the play is and everything like that, it makes it that much easier on you.    

*Q: Are these practices different now that Danny Amendola, Julian Edelman and Rob Gronkowski are all back together on the field? *

JG: It's a little different, but it's nice to have those guys out there. It really is. Their veteran presence it's always a nice thing and it's nice to have in the huddle with you.  

Q: Is their level of intensity different than what you're used to having not started a regular season game before?

JG: Yeah, well everybody's, even the rookies, this is their first Week 1 and everything. Obviously, these are the games that count now. The intensity picks up, throughout the whole building you can just feel it. I wouldn't have it any other way.  

Q: Have you had a moment to take in what this opportunity means to you?

JG: Yeah, a little bit. There's so much going on right now. Mentally, I'm straight Arizona, but it is a phenomenal opportunity. This is why you play the game. You play to be in the game and play; you don't want to be the backup. The opportunity is here. I've just got to go take advantage of it.   

Q: How are you going to handle your emotions Sunday night, good and bad?

JG: Yeah, that comes with the quarterback job, since I started playing quarterback. You never want to be too high, too low. You always want to be right in the middle. Your teammates are always looking at you, so if you react in a bad way, they're going to see that and they'll react to that. Just that calm, cool and collected mindset is the way I'm approaching it. 

Q: What do you think is going to be the most difficult part of this?

JG: I don't know. We're ready for Arizona. We'll be ready for them on Sunday. It's just preparing throughout the whole week. We have to have a good week of practice, take care of the little things, the little details, and the rest will take care of itself.

Q: Can you tell us what you think of the Tom Brady banner outside?

JG: I honestly haven't even thought - I mean, I heard it was out there and everything, but I haven't even thought about it that much. To be honest, everything has been straight Arizona. I haven't had much time to call the parents or anything like that, so it's been a lot of Arizona and it's going to stay that way.

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