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Joe Andruzzi Press Transcript

G JOE ANDRUZZI(On his memories of the Patriots’ last Super Bowl)“It was a roller coaster year. For myself, it was up and down.


(On his memories of the Patriots' last Super Bowl)
"It was a roller coaster year. For myself, it was up and down. Just to be able to stand up there and hold that Lombardi trophy, and have my wife, parents and my brothers down on the field with me, it was an unbelievable feeling. That win was just as much their win as it was mine."

(on whether the bye week was tough in terms of concentrating on football)
"We probably had more media stuff to do than anything. But I just made sure I did that and tried to block it out when we were going through normal football operations."

(on the Panthers' defensive line)
"So far they've been playing great football. No matter who it is in there, they're playing real well together and pretty much dominating their opponents. So it's gonna be a real challenge for us and we'll have to step up to it."

(on the running game starting to emerge)
"At the start of the year, we had a big veteran, Mike Compton, go down. So we had (Dan) Koppen step in as a rookie. Adrian Klemm goes down, (Tom) Ashworth steps in, and we move (Damien) Woody over to guard, so we didn't really have the time we would have liked. Practice was the only time to play together and make our calls and try to do our best. I think that game-by-game we got better and better and tried to go out and execute the game plan as best we could. Coming down the stretch here, we lost Woody and had (Russ) Hochstein fill in and do a great job. I think we were able to get some continuity, and now the coaches are able to prepare us."

(on whether having the bye week is important to get a good look at the Panthers' front four)
"I don't think so because all year long we've been playing top defenses and we only have a week between those games. You know we played Miami twice, Tennessee twice and Cleveland and Buffalo have pretty good defensive lines. So we'll just study our plays and try to execute and do our best."

(on whether he believes the Super Bowl and the surrounding activities have gotten back to a pre 9-11 level)
"You could say yes and no. But I think everybody still wants to be a part of it."

(on the security from a player's point of view and being checked for credentials at every point)
"I think it's important because you never know when something's going to happen. You don't know who certain people are, whether they're friends or enemies. So you've got to be able to listen to the security guards and listen to what they say."

(on what the best part of the NFL Europe system is)
"Development. I came from a Division II school, played one year with Green Bay and I got ten games experience (with the Scottish Claymores). Those ten games were great for me. I needed the experience. I made a name for myself and I was able to play ball."

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