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John Fox Conference Call Transcript

Denver Broncos Head Coach John Fox addresses the New England media during his conference call on Wednesday, December 14, 2011.

Q: Has there been a pretty good buzz as things build up to this game on Sunday?  

JF: Well, we try to keep our focus on the preparation and when you win that's what happens - every game becomes a big game and if you keep winning the next week's a bigger game. The game we're focused on right now is the game this Sunday against the New England Patriots.   

Q: Has this Tim Tebow phenomenon been unlike anything you've ever seen in the NFL?  

JF: Well, I think I've been in the league 20 plus years, so you never want to say you've seen all, but you get to experience a lot and you know he's a fine young man that's a young quarterback that keeps getting better every week. You know when you win in the National Football League it becomes a pretty big deal on the outside.  

Q: Have you been able to put your finger on why Tim Tebow's success in the fourth quarter has been so drastically better statistically than his first three quarters?  

JF: Well, I think just knowing the young man even before coming here to coach him just in the draft process, he's got outstanding intangibles and he performed at a very high level in college at the University of Florida and I think everybody can see that. Like all young players in the National Football League, they've got a lot to learn and quarterback is that much more difficult. I know it's the toughest job in our league and might be one of the toughest jobs in sports. He's improving and it's not just the fourth quarter, he's improving as an NFL quarterback.    

Q: Did you draw upon some of the offensive scheme that the University of Florida ran as you kind of change your offense around?  

JF: Well, some of the things we're doing is just extensions of our run game. As I told our people here, 'Football's football.' He's got some abilities with his running ability and part of coaching is trying to put guys in positions to have success, regardless of what position. I think our staff and the rest of our offensive players have done an excellent job of that.  

Q: Why has your pass rush been able to be so effective and not just from your front four, but from your front seven and defense in general?  

JF: Well, I think it starts with players. We got Elvis Dumervil back - he was injured early in the season and actually missed all of last season. We spent a pretty high draft pick on Von Miller who's also a rookie that's starting for us. We kind of changed defenses from a 3-4 to a 4-3 which is fairly drastic with no offseason and no OTAs and those types of things. I think really all-in-all our guys are understanding what we're doing better and they're not thinking, so they're playing faster.    

Q: Von Miller's sacks are obviously at a tremendous level, but how has his transition from a 3-4 defense outside guy to a 4-3 defense outside guy been?  

JF: Well, I think you know it's a credit to his efforts. I think he's worked hard; Richard Smith, his position coach, has done an outstanding job. Really at the end of the day it comes down to the players. Von's done a tremendous job. You know there're some similarities in some of the things we do and yet it's still a level jump from college football to the NFL. He's done quite nicely so far.  

Q: What are your impressions of the Patriots defense?  

JF: Well, you know I think a lot is made of stats in this league and we don't put too much stock into that. I know they take the ball away very well. In fact, as a team they're definitely high up in the plus category in the turnover margin. They're 10-3, it's a team game and they're good in all three phases. I don't look too much into stats. I know they've got good players and they make plays.  

Q: What are your impressions of the Patriots offense?  

JF: Again having been in this league for awhile, they are definitely in the top three or four in the league and have been forever. When you've got number 12 [Tom Brady] operating it, you're going to be pretty successful. That's no different this year than in years past.  

Q: What about the job Dave Magazu's done has done with your offensive line?  

JF: Yeah, he's done a tremendous job. He's a heck of a football coach. He did a great job there at B.C. [Boston College] and when I first met him and I hired him at the Carolina Panthers and he came in as the tight end coach and he earned that respect of the players and the staff and became the offensive line coach and I'm glad to have him here with the Denver Broncos.   

Q: The acquisition of Ty Warren hasn't really worked out. How was your time been with him?  

JF: He's a tremendous young man and it's unfortunate but you know he had a triceps injury that was repaired medically. He's in our building everyday working hard and his weight looks good. He's working out really hard to rehab and we're impressed and looking forward to getting him back on the field next season.  

Q: When you considered Tim Tebow as a coach, did you consider that as a challenge or the possibilities of what he could do? What did you see in him from a coaching perspective and the potential he had?  

JF: Well, the guy just wins and he's 7-1 as our starter this year and like all of us, whether it's myself, the rest of the staff or the players in this building, we're trying to get better every day. He's made marked improvements and he needs to continue and so do we.  

Q: With Tim Tebow drawing all the attention, have you had to manage that with your players? A lot of them have done some pretty great things in those wins, but it's Tebow who's getting all the attention. Have you had to address that with your players?  

JF: Not really because I think Tim's done such a superb job handling it as far as giving his teammates credit. This is the ultimate team game and our team understands. They don't care who gets the credit. They just want to do a good job preparing and doing their best to win games.  

Q: How have you used Jonathan Wilhite and what are the roles he's played for you?  

JF: Well, he's obviously a defensive back. I think pretty much the same role he had there [in New England]. You know he's new to us meaning he wasn't with us the whole time, but he's had a role as a defensive back.  

Q: Are you impressed with the way Tim Tebow has handled the media scrutiny since entering the league?  

JF: Well, I think it kind of says a lot about him. It all hasn't been good that's for sure and I think he's handled it as well as anybody I've ever been around.  

Q: Why do you think there are such negative feelings toward him?  

JF: Well, I can't answer that, I was a P.E. [Physical Education] major not a sociology major, so I can't really answer that other than I know everybody in this building likes him a lot.

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