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Junior Seau Press Conference Quotes - 1/31/2008

Patriots LB Junior Seau addresses the media at the Patriots Super Bowl headquarters on January 31, 2008

(on his advice to football players from Samoa)
"It's work ethic and a lot of perseverance. Other than that, they'll be okay. The way we're brought up back in the islands is definitely the work ethic."

(on the purpose of his foundation)
"It's just to do my part. I don't want to plug my foundation, but it's just to help the youth."

(on when he realized something special was going on)
"Once the wins started piling up and we got to the point where we were into the double digits, it gave us a chance. Everyone goes into training camp feeling the same way. Everyone feels they have a special team and a special group of guys who can go out there and battle. But to go out there and do it day by day and week by week is a big challenge and we have been able to do that."

(on it being normal to think about 19-0 and making history)
"Thinking about it isn't going to do us any good. We are trying to focus on making it a reality and that's more important than hypothetically or dramatizing it because until we get out there on Sunday and go ahead and prove that we can embrace and sustain it and can take advantage of our opportunity, it's meaningless."

(on the importance of stopping the run)
"It's the key in every game. Try to make an offense one dimensional. They've got a powerful running back, an offensive line that has come together and Eli Manning, who has been managing the game very well. Going into the game we definitely have got to stop the run and hopefully make them one dimensional and then see what we can do against the pass."

(on Brandon Jacobs )
"Jacobs is a big back with a lot of skill. It's abnormal for a guy to be that big and have that much speed. He's definitely downhill and we'll have our hands full."

(on if he feels restricted by his age at all)
"I haven't put any barriers on what I can do or what I can't do. All I do is go to work every day and my age is not important. Obviously, there are a lot of things I do well and a lot of things that I don't, and that's up to someone else to figure out. I don't think about my age."

(on Eli Manning's sudden rise and so much attention)
"That is judged by winning and he's been able to do that. In terms of what he's been able to do in the last four games is obviously the turnover ratio and that's a sign of maturity. When you look at the ten game winning streak that they have, it's definitely impressive."

(on why the Patriots don't talk more trash)
"It doesn't help us. It really doesn't. It doesn't transcend into the game and it doesn't help us with the package we are trying to learn today. All we do is work and try to get better every day to give us a good chance to win on Sunday."

(on tickets going for $77,000)
"It's a testament to the game, and obviously the game has grown and we should all be happy of that. It's a proud moment for the NFL and it's a moment in history that everyone wants to take part in."

(on his pregame speeches)
"I don't really think about the speeches until Saturday. We go through the whole week and then figure out what is most appropriate for that time and that moment."

(on Matt Cassel always being a backup)
"He's been doing a great job at what he does. He's hanging around and waiting for his opportunity and that's a lot of perseverance. He will get his chance, but he's just playing behind the best quarterback to ever play. There are a lot of things he can do to his advantage later on down the road. It's going to be up to him to keep working and his opportunity will come."

(on if the 19-0 is a distraction)
"There are no distractions. We've been through the grind for 18 weeks now and the focus has been on us ever since we started. This is definitely something we can handle and we are going to handle. We have a great leader by the name of Bill Belichick who does a great job making sure we are not distracted."

(on dealing with the media circus)
"We just go through it together. We've been going through a journey for 18 weeks and it's been going pretty well, as you can see. We try to stay humble and hungry and that will translate into whatever you say."

(on if this year has made him feel any younger)
"No, I'm just here trying to help this team. We've got one game left in this season and it's the biggest game of our lives. That's all I'm focused on."

(on if it's important to athletes to leave the game on their own terms)
"I think it is very important. In the game of football it's hard to deal with because there are a lot of elements that factor in. Obviously, number one, is your health. There are a lot of guys who would love to still be playing and they have the mindset and the mental wherewithal but their health gives out. That's when the game is taken away. My advice to anyone here is that the game can be taken away from you in one play, whether you are a rookie or an 18-year veteran so never take the game for granted."

(on week coming to an end)
"Three more days, three more days of grinding. We've got to work today and build our chances for the weekend. Today is important. Another day of work will help us and raise our chances and we are not going to take any day for granted. We'll make sure every day counts."

(on if he loves the game even more now compared to when he was young)
"I've always loved the game. I love it as much now as I did my rookie year. I couldn't love it any more than I do. I believe I was born to be a football player and I'm going to hold onto it until the day comes where I can't anymore. It's definitely a blessing to be here and to be with this group of guys. I've got an exceptional group of guys to be around in this locker room, and it's a bond that will carry on forever."

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