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Katzenmoyer contacts coach

Linebacker Andy Katzenmoyer has contacted Head Coach Bill Belichick, but he did not return to the practice field Saturday morning.

Belichick said he received a phone call from Katzenmoyer as the coach was on his way out to the morning practice. He said the talk was brief and the two planned to meet later to discuss in more detail the player's situation and status with the team.

"Andy left camp because of personal issues that were bothering him," Belichick said. "I think it is in some ways related to the surgery."

Katzenmoyer gave Belichick an explanation for why he didn't notify anyone before he left Friday, but the reason was not shared with the media. Belichick did say he believed what Katzenmoyer said, but the coach felt Katzenmoyer should have handled the situation differently.

According to Belichick, Katzenmoyer did not indicate that he was leaning towards retiring. He added that he thought Katzenmoyer was still at or near Bryant College and not back home in Ohio.

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