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Kevin Faulk Conference Call Transcript

New England Patriots running back Kevin Faulk addresses the Buffalo media during his conference call on Wednesday, December 16, 2009.

Q: You've been there long enough to know the Patriots own the Bills. What do you make of this one?

KF: That's easy. This year, like every other year, is different. Right now those guys are playing well and right now we're trying to play better as a football team.

Q: Even with the Patriots' success in recent years over the Bills, can you still count on Bill Belichick to tell you how the Bills are dangerous?

KF: You can expect that every week, because that's just the way we are. You know, we always want to look at it from the [opposing team's] strengths.

Q: What are your feelings on what your role is and has been over the years with the Patriots?

KF: That's simple. There's only one goal on my paper each and every year and that's just to do whatever I have to do to help the team win games.

Q: How do you like the nickname that Rodney Harrison gave you a couple years ago, 'Swiss Army Knife'?

KF: Hey, that's his opinion of a nickname. I just go out there and do what I have to do and make the best of it.

Q: What do you make of the fact that the team is winning, but the media has been negative recently? Is there a disconnect in reality there?

KF: Well, obviously they are doing their job. They are doing what they should have to do as reporters, but at the same time, it's nothing that we worry about as a team and as players. What we have to worry about are the guys that are in this organization, because we know that as of right now, we are playing inconsistent football. We have to play better football in order to get where we want to get.

Q: How has the team continued to ignore questions about how good it is?

KF: By knowing what your goals are, knowing what is at stake. Your goal every year is to be a better football team that you were the year before and to make the playoffs. Once you get close to that part, you know what you have to do as a football team.

Q: The Patriots' rushing attack has really picked it up recently, especially in this cold weather. What has changed to cause you to run the ball more effectively as of late?

KF: I think for us right now, we want to do everything better. We want to do everything that we step on the field to do. We want to do it better, because right now we are inconsistent and we just want to be a better football team at the end of games.

Q: In your eyes, what makes Bill Belichick such a great coach?

KF: Little things, little details that he doesn't shoot over. He doesn't pass them by; he emphasizes them like they are major issues.

Q: How do you guys respond to these questions about Randy Moss?

KF: Nobody in this organization is concerned about it. Nobody is making any negativity about it. All it is is people outside the organization, so that just lets you know that we are not worried what people say outside the organization.

Q: How do you teach the young running backs about longevity?

KF: Me? I'm not one to talk a whole lot. I lead by example. I say to the guys around here, 'Look, I'm not the perfect guy to follow, but at the same time, I've been doing it a long time and it's been successful for me. So if you want to take heed on what I do or how I take care of my body, then you are more than welcome to ask me questions and everything and I'm more than welcome to help.'

Q: How much do these guys come to you for counsel in these areas?

KF: Oh, it's all the time. It's every day. It's mostly the little things you get asked about and that's what you want. You want the guys to ask questions because that's our job. This is what we have to do and we're all here trying to help the team win football games.

Q: Did you ever imagine that your career would be this long and this productive?

KF: Not at all. When you first come into the league as a rookie, your goal is put in that goal of reaching 10 years and you never know if it's going to happen. When it does come to that point, it's like, 'Wow, I've made really made it here, but what can I do now to stay here, to keep it going and not to falter at all?'

Q: There are so many questions about the Patriots being vulnerable right now. How much do you guys love being in a position where people write you off and to try to prove them wrong?

KF: It's funny because it doesn't even matter, because before all of this was said or before all of this was done, we were all of that. We were vulnerable, we were beatable, but it's just that guys weren't talking about it. Now that we've lost a few games, guys are talking about it. Everybody is going to lose a few games. It's football. It's professional football. You are going to have your teams where some are great through the course of the year, like the Saints and the Colts this year, but everybody can't beat us.

Q: How do you respond? Do you still think you're vulnerable?

KF: By the way we're playing? Yes. By the way we are playing as a football team, yes we are vulnerable. I think that's why you practice each and every day - to get better at the things you're not good at.

Q: How can the inconsistencies be corrected so the Patriots can win on the road?

KF: I don't think it's just one thing you can point at. It's a lot of little things - if you have to point the finger at [something] - and pretty much just keep working like you've been doing all the time. Work harder to make those things better and then you'll see from there.

Q: If you are vulnerable, how do you separate yourselves from the pack and win the AFC East?

KF: Whatever we have to do. Whatever you have to do as a football player, as a football team to win a football game, that critical possession, that critical moment in the game...whatever it is, you have to be better than that guy you're lined up across from.

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