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Kevin Faulk Press Conference - 1/20/2008

New England Patriots linebacker Kevin Faulk addresses the media during his postgame press conference at Gillette Stadium on January 20, 2008.

Q:Kevin, you said the other day, if you don't play better every week, you may very well lose. Did you play better as a team this week than you did last week?

KF: We played well enough to win the game. That's all I can say right now because we can't watch the film. But I'm pretty sure tomorrow when we come in we'll have our corrections that we need to make.

Q:Pretty nice catch there on that third down.

KF: Hey, I just saw the ball and I just dove for it. It was the opportunity to make a first down and make a play for my team.

Q:Did you know you had the roll, because if you had stopped, you wouldn't have gotten it?

KF: It was just a natural reaction. Nobody had touched me so the reaction was just to keep moving.

Q:Can you describe your emotions as the clock was ticking down? What do you recall doing in that last few minutes?

KF: Once the clock was ticking down, the emotion level just runs real high and I think the whole team is that way. Just because of the feeling, it don't matter how many times you've been there or what you've done over the course of your career, when that moment comes, you can't hold your emotions. You are can't hide them.

Q:Have you guys been holding the emotions for 18 games?

KF: I would say we've been holding them, because we've been playing to win games, to get to this point right now. And at this point right now, the emotions are high.

Q:Can you explain your T shirt, what you have there?

KF: It's just a saying, we're all brothers from a different mother, that's all.

Q:The family?

KF: The Patriot family, that's all.

Q:When you see Brady throw three interceptions, which he has not done all year, do you think about that at all, any shake in confidence, this isn't like him?

KF: I've known Tom for eight years and he's thrown interceptions -- not more than any other quarterback, but he's done it before. He's the type of quarterback that just shakes it off and we have to move on. He has trust in the guys he's throwing the ball to.

Q:Did you sense early on that you and Laurence Maroney were going to have to be a bigger part of this game because there were not options and he was not finding deeper routes and he was going to you guys?

KF: It wasn't a sense early on, but it's just a sense of being prepared, being ready all year long. We heard the question about we didn't have a running game and all I told Laurence was, be patient; your time is going to come and your opportunity is going to come to move this team forward. That's what he's been doing the last couple of games in the playoffs and that's what we have to continue.

Q:You seemed to do the dirty work, third and fours, third and sixes, the tough plays. You're not a big headliner like a lot of the guys; how do you see yourself fitting in?

KF: Real simple: Be prepared no matter what the situation is. You might be in on third down, you might be in first or second down, we never know. If the opportunity comes, you have to be ready no matter what.

Q:The quick passes out when you were lining up wide, is that something that you might have worked on during the week that you thought were going to come into play today?

KF: It's something that we've seen on film the first game that we played and they kind of gave it to us a little bit and we just went with that.

Q:Can you just reflect on going to the Super Bowl again?

KF: Amazing, awesome. The adrenaline is still throwing a little bit right now. But you know, we'll take care of it from there and move on and find out who we play and start working on them.

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