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Kevin Faulk Press Conference Quotes

New England Patriots running back Kevin Faulk addresses the media addresses the media during his press conference at Patriots team headquarters for Super Bowl XLII in Scottsdale Arizona on January 27, 2008.

*(on if he is used to being in the Super Bowl)
*"How can you get used to it? This is something that is so cherished among NFL players, teams and organizations. It's the biggest game of the year. It's something that you couldn't get used to. You always want to be there."

(on his memories of his first Super Bowl)
"The feeling for the first one was a little different for me, simply because it was in my home state. The excitement was a little more overwhelming just by me being able to play in the Super Bowl in Louisiana."

*(on the honor of being a team captain)
*"I think it's pretty much about you being the person that you've always been. Like I tell a lot of guys, just because I've become captain, that doesn't mean that I'm going to change the way I've approached practice, the way I've approached the season, and just the way I've approached my job. I'm going to approach it the same way and do the same things. If anyone has any questions, that's what I'm there for - to answer questions."

*(on teaching Patriots' tradition to younger players)
*"I think it's anywhere, not just the Patriots organization. If you have a new guy coming in, I'm almost definite that they're going to have a conversation about certain situations in a game or practice."

*(on who helped mentor him during his rookie year)
*"Oh, I had Terry Allen my rookie year."

*(on whether the Patriots' loss to the Colts in last year's AFC Championship Game sticks with him)
*"It was just something that you have to deal with. As a competitor, you go into the off-season with that in the back of your mind, but at the same time knowing it's a different season. We had an opportunity to play the Colts this year again. We won the game, but it was just a game that we played at the time. The AFC Championship Game was no where in mind."

*(on whether people remind Patriots players of last year's AFC Championship loss for motivation)
*"The only thing that was brought up was to remember that we have to play 60 minutes of the game - not 45 minutes, not 30 minutes, but the whole game."

*(on his advice to newer players about being in the Super Bowl)
*"Get everything that you have to get done with flights, tickets and everything before you get here."

*(on the differences between the Super Bowl and a regular season game)
*"The game situation is a little different than a regular game, so you have to prepare yourself for certain time frames in the game. Halftime is a little bit longer, pregame is a little longer, so you can't blow your (energy) early in the game."

*(on if he feels QB Tom Brady would be as good of a player if he were playing for a different team)
*"That's kind of hard to tell just being that he's been in the system for a long time. From the standpoint of watching his work ethic, I think he would be the same person. He works so hard to make himself better than he was the last year. He competes with a lot of people in the locker room and in the weight room and during running. He's a competitor."

*(on where Brady stacks up in the history of NFL quarter backs)
*"I don't even know all the history, so I'm probably not the right person to be answering that question. But from my standpoint, he's one of the best in the business right now."

*(on his role on New England's offense)
*"I've been here nine years. In those years that Coach (Bill) Belichick has been the coach, you learn so much from him from the context of just being ready no matter what. You have to know what situation you'll be in during the game and you just have to be prepared for it."

*(on his appreciation being in the Super Bowl game)
*"I think it's just an appreciation, in general, of just making it to the game. It just shows how your team played as a team throughout the whole year."

*(on which feeling is bigger, winning the Super Bowl Championship or making history going undefeated)
*"Oh, it's the game, winning the championship. But if you win the game, you win the Championship, everything else will take care of itself."

*(on his impressions of the Giants' defense)
*"They're physical. The NFC East is one of the (most physical) conferences in the NFL. We know that coming into the game. They're going try to be really physical with us. We're just going to have to try to match that."

*(on the experience of coming into this game having previously won a Super Bowl)
*"Your experiences can only take you so far. Once the game starts, everything is man-on-man. If you want to count on experience, you can, but it won't take you too far in the game."

*(on if he anticipated the Giants being in the Super Bowl when the Patriots played them in Week 17) "You can't say that you could see it coming, but *playing them Week 17, you knew that they had a good team and you knew that they were going to give teams problems in the playoffs."

*(on arriving to a rainy day in Arizona)
*"It couldn't have happened any better way. No matter which way it is, you are just blessed that you have the opportunity to play for the NFL Championship, no matter if it was snowing or raining here. You're just happy to be here."

*(on what he felt arriving in Arizona)
*"I guess that's where the feeling of the experience really kicks in. Being here, today is just Sunday. The game is next week, so you can't blow it out too early. You have to wait for the game."

*(on being criticized for winning close games at the end of the season rather than blowing teams out)
*"You can't do anything about how people feel or what they think about your team. All you can do is just encourage your team to get better and learn from the mistakes you've made through the course of the season, and just play ball."

*(on whether the team is still as confident as it was when they were blowing teams out)
*"Winning is winning. You could win by half a point. It doesn't matter if you won the game."

*(on the paparazzi-type attention surrounding Tom Brady and the Patriots)
*"That's been going on all year. It's just the way that you have to go about your life and not even worry about it. You can't control that. The only thing you can control is what you're doing."

*(on playing in warmer weather in Arizona)
*"It doesn't matter. It's the job you're doing. It's the championship. It can be 20 below - it doesn't matter. It's the NFL Championship, so everybody's going to be ready to play."

*(on the pressure of pursuing a perfect season)
*"It's nothing for us. I would think it's winning this one game. That's it."

*(on the play of the Patriots' offensive line this season)
*"When you have guys that have been playing for three or four or five years together, you start to have that trust out there. Guys start to trust each other, knowing that guys are going to be in certain situations and certain spots when they need to be."

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