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Jan. 29, 2004I was very distressed to hear that Troy Brown lost to Steve Smith in the 989 Sports football video game last night.

Jan. 29, 2004

I was very distressed to hear that Troy Brown lost to Steve Smith in the 989 Sports football video game last night. In case you don't know, the winner of that has seen his team go on to win the Super Bowl eight straight times. I know I shouldn't worry about things like that but I do. If the Patriots lose, I will never allow anything from that company in my house ever! Do you hear that 989 Sports? You better hope that streak is broken.

On the bright side, Andy Hart returned from Panthers headquarters this morning with a new outlook. He's been swayed by Carolina's talk up to now, and has given them a better than good chance to win this game. But today, he says he's now convinced the Patriots will win. I guess the Panthers receivers are sounding a little too sure of themselves and how they will handle the Patriots multiple defensive looks. He said it sounded like they haven't even been watching film of the Patriots. Of course we know that's not the case, but I like the sound of this.

Today the Patriots charter flights arrived in Houston full of families, guests and more working staff. It was really good the see the genuine joy on the faces of everyone. Being here since Sunday, we've eased into a groove of work and we kind of forget that we should be excited as all hell. Seeing all the newbies bound around the hotel is a good reminder that these are amazing times few get to experience in person.

Tonight is the welcoming party for everyone. It's being held at the NASA Space Center. Again, how can one not get excited over something like that? Our resident astrophysicist, Trent Adams (his official title is Chief Innovator) views this trip as one to Mecca. He's going to play "Stump the Astronaut" when he gets there. I want to see if he gets punched like John Glenn did.

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