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Kory Chapman NFLEL Diary - Week 4

Over the course of the next few months Patriots running back Kory Chapman will chronicle for the readers of his experiences playing this spring with the Cologne Centurions in NFL Europe.

This week we put everything together that we had worked on from week two into game three. We proved that the run…that's what it took to win this game.

Each and every day we have felt like we are getting closer to one another on the field and that comes from spending time together and hanging with each other. On the field now we are starting to gel and understand what the man beside us is looking to do and just how we can help each other. You can always get better, but I feel like we have come along a pretty good ways and keep taking to the next game. Each week we try to improve and get better for the next team. Whenever you go without losing it is always a good thing, but we are not really looking at our record. We are just trying to improve and get better each week. In the end though, the team with the fewest losses will be going to the World Bowl. Right now we are just focusing on trying to go to the World Bowl.

Once again on the defensive side of the ball our team is coming together as well. That comes from watching film every day. On the field they are all communicating with each other, understanding what the man next to them is able to do. They have been trying to put it together each and every week.

Right now we are just rolling. We just feel that everything has been going our way. Good things come to those who work hard and we feel like we have been working hard day in and day out. It's been just a blessing for us to get out there on the field and the wins have been coming our way.

Keylon Kincade (Dallas Cowboys) had a big game running the ball for us this week. He's a good player. The ball was just rolling his way last week. It went his way and we continued to give him the ball and the offensive line continued to make holes for him. He did what the Lord allowed him to do.

In terms of playing time, for me at running back specifically, we rotate each series. Usually I start the game and then after my series he comes in and we rotate from there on out. It works out well because Keylon and I are friendly off the field. Since we have been here we kind of hooked up and we run together. So we both look at it like we aren't competing with each other. Both of us are trying to get better. He's trying to compete to show the Cowboys that he can play and I feel like I am trying to show New England that I can play. So we aren't out there looking like, 'Well I am trying to beat him. He's trying to beat me.' We just leave that in the hands of other people.

The atmosphere at the game this week was pretty good. Coming from Rhein last week, they had had a pretty nice crowd there that was real feisty and loud. Coming back home this week to Cologne to play in front of a lot more people, and Frankfurt had a bunch of fans make the trip – it was a nice atmosphere. It was one of those nights where people just came out to watch football.

I have actually been surprised by the fan support that we have received. Their sport here is soccer. A lot of people when we first got here were saying that the fans didn't really know the rules of football. But we come out to play the games and you look in the stands and you have a lot of people there who are just here to support the team. It's just unbelievable. Each week the fans get to learn who we are and as the year goes on we are learning who the fans are on and off the field. Hopefully they can continue to support us throughout the season.

Looking ahead to this weekend's game, Amsterdam is just one of those teams you are going to have to come out and be ready to play against. We are just looking to take one game at a time and focus on our opponent each week. We focus on that we and let it go from there. The first game we played everybody was saying, 'World Bowl.' We changed after that to, 'Work hard.' Now we are just focused on one game at a time. If you do that it will work out better than trying to look ahead down the road. That attitude just sort of came about naturally as a team thing. We all kind of decided to change our team's focus.

It's hard to keep up with the news sometimes over here because most of the stuff on TV we can't understand because it's all in German. So we just try to find the paper to find out what is going on in America. And what they do over here is what they do. We just live over here. But they send us a lot of USA Todays to help us try to keep up.

I do know that the draft is coming up this weekend. I know some guys from my school at Jacksonville State who will be waiting to see how things unfold. I just want to wish them the best of luck and may the ball roll into their hands. I remember this time for me last year was all about pressure. I was wondering if I was going to get picked up or if I was going to get an opportunity to play at the next level. There was a lot of pressure. In my situations, coming from a smaller school, it was almost like a knot in my stomach. I just wanted that opportunity to show what I could do. That's the only thing I ever wished for.

As told to Patriots Football Weekly's Andy Hart.

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